Man shot dead at used car dealership in Fukushima Prefecture


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95% of the times here it’s gangs and the likes fighting amongst themselves.

Getting shot with a gun is also a big message to others that they will take you out wherever and however.

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I'm sorry to hear about this regardless who was shot and who did the shooting. One of the many reasons I've long enjoyed living in Japan is the extremely low number of shootings. I'm well aware there are numerous devices that can be used in a huge number of ways to attack, even kill people, but not one of them is as effective as a gun of some sort firing bullets. I salute Japan once again for its sensible gun laws. To me Japan is one of the safest places in the world, in large part because of its gun laws.

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“ Breaking Bad “ style ...

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Gunshots? Surely one bullet will revenge the debt?

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This guy must have borrowed money from the wrong people.

That’s bare of logic, as now a low chance of paying has really decreased to zero. lol

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For the past half decade, firearms homicides in Japan have been exceedingly rare, to the tune of a single digit per year. I've never heard of a car dealer here being murdered, and Fukushima is hardly a hotbed of yakuza activity. I expect the investigation will turn up something that points to other illegal behavior, such as moving stolen cars, and possibly arranging for them to be smuggled out of the country.

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Fukushima is hardly a hotbed of yakuza activity. 

Not to the extent of Kansai or Tokyo, for example, but there are plenty of gangsters around, especially in the Koriyama area (a stone's throw from where this murder happened). Gang shootings happen there from time to time.

Sounds like this victim was not cooperating as he was supposed to. Hope the cops find the killer(s).

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Sakuma suffered a gunshot wound in the head and police have launched a murder investigation.

and if it is gang-related, it will remain "unsolved" and flyers will be passed out at train stations every anniversary.

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From a Yahoo comment;

"The police arrested Takeshi Sakuma (29), a former gang member in Fukushima, on suspicion of violating the Firearms and Swords Control Law and the Stimulants Drug Control Law. (in 2014)"

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I salute Japan once again for its sensible gun laws. To me Japan is one of the safest places in the world, in large part because of its gun laws.

Well said !!..

Like It or not..

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Surely the police have tabs on these gangs and moles in their organization, if not, why not?

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Used car sales and guns? I smell a Yak.

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The wife of the victim, identified as Takeshi Sakuma

The victim or his wife?

Sloppy writing is ambiguous.

(It's the husband)

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Sloppy reading. It's clear that it's the victim's name, unless the wife is a man.

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“ “ Breaking Bad “ style ... “

A reference to “one of the best shows in the history of television”. ... But probably not the best place for that.


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People hate on used-car salesmen, but this is taking it on a new level

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Takeshi Sakuma, is a 'former' gang member. With a previous arrest record.

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Takeshi Sakuma, a 'former' gang member took himself out. End of story, if not he would have had to pay his debt to the Yaks that he stiffed!!! I for one thinks he called his wife before he offed himself. You just don't shoot yourself in the head and then dial your wife and say you were shot!! Poor reporting here.

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Stabbed, thrown off a building, beaten to death, run over with a car...but, in Nihon, shot? By an unknown shooter? Why does that seem so weird...?

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Gunshot crimes are so rare here that they capture the headlines and most likely related to the yakuza. A previous comment suggested that a Japan is so nice because of their gun laws. Yes, Japan has some good laws regarding gun ownership, licensing, etc. However, saying that this is reason Japan is so safe has relatively nothing to do with it. Japan’s society as a whole is the main factor. Things such as the nuclear family, lower divorce rates, education, push by parents for extra education, better sense of morality in most areas( in comparison to other countries). The belief of being a team player in society Is better, being mindful of others, and the list goes on. These are the reasons why Japan is the way it is and why most foreigners enjoy living in Japan

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