Man slashed while foiling burglar in Tokyo


Police in Tokyo have arrested a 38-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder after he allegedly broke into a home in Kita Ward and injured the resident with a kitchen knife.

According to police, just before 4 a.m. on Wednesday, Kei Echizenya, of no fixed occupation, broke into the home of a man in his 70s, Sankei Shimbun reported. The man was sleeping in the living room on the first floor. He woke up and was slashed on the face by the knife-wielding intruder who fled from the house. He was able to call 110 and give a description of the man.

Following the attack, a police officer spotted Echizenya in the neighborhood and arrested him after receiving reports of his description.

Police said Echizenya has denied the charge.

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Good work by the victim and police. Bravo.

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Man slashed while foiling burglar in Tokyo

I hope his injury is not bad.

from the title of this article, I imagined somebody trying to wrap a knife wielding burglar with aluminum foil.

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that's some quick police work, good on them.

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The brave old gentleman in his 70s. Hope he will get back on his feet ASAP. Great job police!

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No one knows if the man caught is the culprit since he denies and there are no evidence stated.

I doubt the man slashed could give any precise description in the dark and with face with blood...

" He wore black trousers and black top and 170 cm".

Police : "That's him !"

Guy walking in the street " w.t.f !"

Medieval system.

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@Jonathan Prin: You are absolutely right. Even if the possibility that he is not the culprit is just 1%, his name should not have been published until a guilty sentence has been handed down. Learn from Germany, Japan.

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