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Man stabbed by unknown assailant in front of Gifu home


A 51-year-old company executive was found collapsed in front of his home, bleeding from multiple stab wounds to his neck, in Mizuho, Gifu Prefecture, on Thursday night.

Police said Terumi Yamazaki was found lying on the ground by his son at around 8:15 p.m. Thursday. TV Asahi reported that Yamazaki was in a stable condition in hospital on Friday.

According to police, Yamazaki was leaving his home to go shopping when an unknown assailant wearing a balaclava approached him and began slashing at him with a knife.

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Was he slashed or stabbed?

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I've never heard this word before. Perhaps I am dense...but i found out it means 'ski mask'

I wonder what caused this attack? Was he a mean boss?

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"balaclava" is a perfectly normal British English word.

If you want to say "ski mask", fine. But be aware you're being American.

No problem with that, by the way.

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I thought it was a Greek sweet.

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But be aware you're being American

Yes. I blame that on my great-great-great (great?) grandparents.

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sounds like a warning

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