Man arrested for fatally stabbing IT seminar lecturer in Fukuoka


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Another random act of public violence.


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Another random act of public violence.

How ddo you know it was random? No information. Victim and killer may have known each other. Rest in Peace.

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Not the sort of place where random violence occurs. Don't know the details, but I would guess this was a personal vendetta. The killer turned himself in 3 hours later.

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It is hard to say this one is random also. It seems like some type of revenge.

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I agree it is probably not random. We may speculate, but is under arrest so the truth will come out.

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my wife and i were shopping in chuo-ku earlier that day. we were probably eating dinner, back in sawara-ku, when the attack took place. interesting to think how close one was to the scene of a murder. i always lock my doors and windows at night. the illusion of safety/security often causes people to let their guard down just enough for some villian to slither through the crack.

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@one. I don’t lock anything. If someone tries to stab me, I have a lot of weapons lying around. I was robbed recently and knew who did it. Police said you can do something if you have video footage from two cameras. With all the crazy people see everyday at train stations, you should always be careful. If there is a loony with a knife, use a bag, briefcase or even a train seat (like the recent JR stabbing), block the nite and don’t away.

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I don’t lock anything. If someone tries to stab me, I have a lot of weapons lying around. could lock your doors and windows, which requires about the same effort as switching on the lights.

And, weapons lying around just mean more weapons for an intruder, if you're asleep.

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I saw many cop patrol cars running with loud siren, I thought there was an incident very close where I was in a yatai in Fukuoka downtown. From the news I knew that the stabbed man be an expert of Yami saito- internet dark sites and he came from Tokyo to do a lecture. 3 hours later the suspected guy went to police to state that he did. Something scary about this internet dark site the expertise man knew before stabbed.

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'I don't lock anything......' and, 'I was robbed recently.....' hmmmmm.

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@goodlucktoyou - don't assume you're safe, ever. If someone can gain access to your house and get in your room before you notice, you're already dead, no matter how many weapons you think you have.

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Not much information in the local Japanese press, either.

Suspect has been named as 42-year-old unemployed male “hikikomori” (shut-in) from Fukuoka, named Matsumoto Hidemitsu (松本英光). He had a history of trolling people on the Internet and may have been called out by the victim.

This was not a random act of violence but most likely a deliberate act of murder.

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In the men's room? Reminds me of an old saying about getting caught with your pants/trousers down. There is a Japanese saying that you should keep your helmet cord firmly tied, even when you think you have won the battle.

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My weapons are hidden, of course. It is easy to kick open doors if want to, or just use a crow bar. Wrap a towel around your hand(no figerprints)and punch a window and unlock it. My neighbours also watch everything as I live in the countryside. I was robbed my cleaner lady while I was downstairs. Of course you should lock your doors, but don’t think it is 100% safe.

stabbings in japan against strangers is rare. Just don’t make people angry and if family ties are so bad, move out.

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Wow! Fukuoka my city. Why am I not surprised?

Well living in the area here in Fukuoka. I really I am not at all surprised of this news. Which really has nothing to do with really anything. As this could have been some other part of the country or another the city. Just another nutter slap-nut with a knife or sword trying to get the last word with the (I'll show you complex) which seems to be an increasing trait surfacing in Japanese nationals when wronged or angered to point they can no longer handle their emotions. And well we get stories like this. Unfortunate it happened here in the city I reside in. Very unfortunate the man lost his life. The real issue is. Why the increase in violent crimes in Japan. Here is a news report published by ABC news I read back on the 8th of June. It had been on mind all month.

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NHK said something like the killer was insulted by the victim on the net.

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That was precisely it. He had a beef with him over the net about cyber securities. Insutls were traded back and forth. And Matsumoto san murdered the man for it. As I said. The (I'll show you complex) You can not one up me. I will take your life when your back is turned. The guy had no idea Matsumoto was there and what he was planning. Pure meditated murder. And with intent and motive for revenge. He will most likely be sentenced to death for this heinous crime. I imagine the prosecution will be focused on the stalking aspect of the investigation. The guy had no idea it was coming. Just went to the bathroom them Boom attacked. Three hours later the killer turns himself in and confesses everything.

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The fact to surrender and confess is amazingly common in Japan. It is because most murderers have snapped and they know in their mind they arr beyong repair. Strange but happening very often.

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they suspect Matsumoto came to resent the lecturer following exchanges over the internet.

perhaps a bit

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So, this was just another loon with a grudge killing somebody who didn’t deserve it. Another normal day in Japan.

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According to this evening news he was a known internet troll who was always right and hated being told a differing opinion.

So incensed was he with Okamoto, he decided to seek him out and kill him.

Trolls are probably mostly benign bullies, but the psychotic ones certainly exist.

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Trolls are probably mostly benign bullies, but the psychotic ones certainly exist.

They do, and that's why I mostly stay out of flame wars. Usually, though, the worst that will happen is that they will hack you in some way - which is bad enough. The same reason I try not to get involved in road rage arguments. You only have to run into that one psycho.

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Does this happen in Tokyo alot?

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