Man stabs brother and sister, then leaps to his death from nearby building


A 24-year-old man stabbed his 22-year-old sister and his 18-year-old brother at their residence, then left the house and jumped to his death from a nearby apartment building, on Friday in Higashimura, Tokyo.

According to police, the stabbings occurred at around 6:50 a.m., Sankei Shimbun reported. The sister, who is a company employee, called 119 and said she had been stabbed by her older brother and that he had also attacked her younger brother, who is a high school student.

After stabbing his siblings, the older brother, who was unemployed, ran out of the house. His body was found on the ground outside an apartment building about two kilometers away. Police said he had apparently jumped from the 12th floor of the building.

He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. His sister sustained knife wounds in her back and left side, while her brother had at least 10 wounds. However, doctors said their wounds were not life-threatening.

The three siblings live with their parents who had both left for work when the incident occurred. Police said the older brother attacked his sister and young brother while they were sleeping on the second floor of their house.

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Feel sorry for the parents.

unless they drove him to insanity?

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There may have been good reasons why he was unemployed - if we get any follow-up reporting, perhaps we will find out he was violent with his coworkers at previous worksites or had severe anti-social characteristics.

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Monsterous person. Its good that hes the only one whos deceased.

Hopefully his family can get the counseling and medical help they need.

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It has a lot to do with the "Japanese mentality" it is why people who get corona get ostracized, It is why out of work husbands kill their wives and mother in laws and why young japanese kill their other family members. something is totally wrong with they way people speak to those who are depressed. a person can only take so much verbal abuse.

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Another terrible case, but it's a relief that his siblings have survived the knife attacks.

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"those who are depressed. a person can only take so much verbal abuse." OR social abuse.

As a member of a western expat, and veteran, social world wide group, we have various locations near the bases, where we gather to discuss and share many issues, and by doing so we provide understanding and social support, and reach out to among ourselves to help with i.e. Japanese culture shock to us but to Japanese locked society issues, and we share helpful information to assist each other. A social support system is very important when living in a host country. We often discuss how when looking for answers about social issues from the Japanese the response sought can be different or very limited or perceived not helpful for many of us, even if we are fluent in Japanese, but when the same issues are discussed with our groups a more meaningful reaction is often received, mainly because we share similar values, traditions , mores, and can communicate globally with other westerners as well within similar global groups.

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Seems like an emerging new jumping season. Be so kind and avoid collateral damages like killing siblings or unknown walking students, ok?

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At least we have the best possible ending: he died but didn't take them with him.

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When I was in Tokyo, I hooked up with Angloinfo Tokyo, they have many support groups in Tokyo.


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Some very callous comments above. The young man who did this must have been in a terribly dark place at the time. It's always easy to make snide remarks based off a news article. No wonder there are so many people resorting to committing suicide which such indifference to people suffering. Compassion and understanding would go along way.

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Taking sibling rivalry to a whole new level. Sad outcome for all concerned.

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