Man steals over Y3.3 mil from woman in Saitama


Police said Saturday they are looking for a man who stole over 3 million yen from a woman in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture.

According to police, the woman, who is in her 40s, had just left a bank at around 2 p.m. on Friday when a man wearing a balaclava struck her with a baseball bat, Fuji TV reported. The attacker then stole a bag containing around 3.3 million yen, which the woman had withdrawn on behalf of her employer to pay staff salaries.

The man escaped in a blue car, police said.

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Paying salaries in cash???

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Yeah i agree, it sounds a bit strange to withdraw that amount of money in cash for salary. What kind of company?

Also the person who stole the money must have known what was in the bag to attack her. Unless it was a bag that had a big yen sign on it.

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it can only be 1) Woman's "make-it-look-like-someone-stole-the-salary-from-me" plot or 2) someone who knew the woman, knew she would withdraw that amount of cash.. probably someone inside the company.

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If someone stole by bag I would say there was 4 million yen in it as well.

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"a man wearing a balaclava"

I had to look up "balaclava" - it's a ninja mask!

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That's it, no more sales of balaclavas!

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Unless Japan wakes up and changes the way they do banking... things like this will continue to happen. Gets kinda old reading about this stuff. Sucks though..

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"Hey, Junko, it`s Friday afternoon. AFter having lunch can you swing by the bank and pick up salary for the boys?" STEW-pid!

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She was probably running a construction company. A lot of these companies pay day labourers "under the table". If I were the cops I'd start looking into her company closely. Normally these wages are paid daily or weekly and 3.3 million yen means a LOT of unregistered workers. Workers who won't be able to claim compensation if they're injured, and who won't be paying tax.

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Let thy guilt be upon your shoulders. Return that money at once.

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LOL! omg that sucks! i would be sooo depressed. dude those japanese are RICH!

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Frungy, not just in construction. There are companies that out-source all sorts of services, like cleaning, maintenance, yard work, etc, that pay in cash as well.

You can be sure the cops are going to be asking the questions, but the problem is will they do anything with the answers .

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What sort of an idiot withdraws 3.3 million yen and walks around the streets alone? You can also bet she does it on the same day and at the same time every month. She probably even carried it in a bank bag. I am sorry she was hit by a baseball bat, but shit lady, you should have been carrying a sign saying 'rob me'!

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I love how some people here don't see the strange thing about walking from a bank with this much cash. Where I am from you'll be a target for A LOT LESS!

Japan's love of cash must be for a reason. Might it have something to do with accountability or anonymity?

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