Man steals Y8 mil from Toyama post office


Police said Saturday they are looking for a man who robbed a post office of 8 million yen in Asahimachi, Toyama Prefecture, on Friday.

According to a report on TV Asahi, the man entered the post office at around 5 p.m. and threatened staff with a kitchen knife. He then jumped over the counter and injured the 48-year-old manager. Two other female staff members were unharmed. No customers were present at the time of the incident. The man stole a cash box containing 8 million yen in cash, TV Asahi reported.

Police described the man as aged between 40 and 60 years old, around 170 cm tall, wearing a farmer's hat, work gloves and Wellington boots.

The manager sustained injuries to his ear and back, which doctors say could take around a month to heal.

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What a farce.

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Finally. Ive been waiting to hear this news for years. Everytime i go to the post/bank i imagine jumpinh over the counter and take the candy. I really really cant believe how easy it is. I swear shopplifting a t-shirt in Canada is 10 x harder than robbing a bank in j land. Ridiculous! Wish people (including myself) can just learn from other peoplrs/countries mistakes instead of havibg to experience the unfortunate first hand.

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Pretty good discription of the villian from the staff who would have been in shock during the robbery.Hope the manager and staff recover quickly and the thief is soon caught.

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Police described the man as aged between 40 and 60 years old, around 170 cm tall, wearing a farmer’s hat, work gloves and Wellington boots.

I saw about 15 people matching this description while doing the walk-of-shame earlier this morning. Any reward?

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I once found ¥500000 outside the post office in Takoaka in Toyama. I took it into the post office and found the owner, a little old lady. She hadnt even noticed, all the staff and customers where chatting like it was a social club. Zero security and lots of those old people's push chair things everywhere. You would not of needed a knife, you could of just picked up the cashbox and walked out without anyone noticing.

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wearing wellington boots? not running from the scene then! lol

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Remember, yourock, there was a typhoon hovering over Japan. That's why he took the precaution of wearing wellington boots. Good story for a movie, like that he was wearing a farmer's hat. Hopefully he can buy a new tractor with that money.

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How did they know what boots I was wearing?

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Crazy! That's my girlfriend's local post office in Japan!

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Y8 mil from Toyama post office

Not too much, to evade the police search will cost him more.

Police described the man as aged between 40 and 60 years old, around 170 cm tall,

Later on clarified the description, the man was between 20 and 80 years old and around between 65 and 180 cm tall.

wearing a farmer's hat, work gloves and Wellington boots.

Huuu, yeeeahh, that's a hit, I am sure he will be caught in no time , I have never seen any criminals who changed his shoes or dresses after robbery. Now we only have to watch out for guys between the age of 20 and 80 who wears Wellington boots.

Also, I heard stupid stories about cunning criminals, who painted mole on their skin and put on ostentatious boots and hats to bamboozle the eyewitnesses. Not the resourceful Japanese police, though. I think they already sent out one of their employees to buy wellington boots and have found their man to be presented with it who will be chivvied senseless until confesses the robbery. Good Lord.

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Police arrested 77 year old Suzuki Ken for the post office robbery. They found the cash box and about 10 million yen that was in it.

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Is this a only in Japan kind of news??

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Seriously, its time to think for the financial organisation to employ Guard in every offices. This will ensure safety and more employment opportunities.

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a post office robbed ... again!?? How many does that make this year?

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Not sure, stopped counting years ago, but they do seem to get hit as often as combini-stores.

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Between aged 40 and 60? That is a huge range.

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Doesn't everybody wear long rubber boots in Toyama?

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