Man suspected of driving into crowd, village office in Ibaraki


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Hope the victims recover and he gets proper mental health care.

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I wonder what demonic forces had entered into him to do such horrendous life threatening crimes

Help and understanding on mental illness is nit great, government I urge you to improve the situation before more and more events like this occur.

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I saw him on the news last night. Pretending to be incapacitated being led by cops. What a miserable specimen.

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> A man is suspected of driving a car into a group of people during an event on Wednesday, injuring three, and soon after crashing another car into a nearby village office in eastern Japan, local authorities said.


So, the perpetrator of these actions had two cars?

The mind boggles!

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The public nuisance nutcraks are getting way out of control!

Had one pop on me as I turned a corner, and coughed out a influenza canon blast directly in my face. On the same day another one. let out a bazooka blast style cough directly at me. These are terrorist, projecting their sickness upon innocent pedestrians! Later I got diagnosed with influenza type 1.

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I wonder what demonic forces had entered into him to do such horrendous life threatening crimes

Help and understanding on mental illness is nit great

Clearly belief in demonic forces being one of them.

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As I first suspected due to both targets being government offices, the suspect had a grudge against both the city and local community governments, where he crashed his cars, according to NHK news.

I imagine it was something minor. But, angry-middle-aged-Japanese-man© took umbrage, and thought that harming innocent bystanders in an effort to destroy government properties, while destroying his own vehicles in the process, would somehow make things right.

I look forward to finding out exactly what the local gov't did that triggered such a harmful response from that moron.

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My wife has told me it was something to do with the Atomic plant in Tokai-mura. The “People-weren’t-listening-to-me-so-I-try-to-kill-innocents…” kind of crazy guy.

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In the first incident he was driving a black car with his mother to run various errands. Obviously, he made a detour to start his rampage against the local Hitachi City government office. Where he got a white car to then crash into another government-related building in Tokai village and what his grudge was is not clear.

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As aaronagstring says above, various news sources are reporting a man with the same name who was affected by the 1999 Tokai Mura criticality event in which two people died and up to 667 people in the community were exposed to radiation. Despite multiple applications for financial compensation, he was turned down.

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