Man suspected of spraying paint on at least 70 cars


Police in Chiba City have arrested a 53-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of vandalism after he sprayed paint on a car on Wednesday. Police believe the man is responsible for spraying paint on at least 70 cars in the same area since last September.

According to police, Hiroki Yamaguchi is accused of spraying yellow and red paint on a car door in a parking lot in Mihama Ward early Wednesday morning, Kyodo News reported. Police said Yamaguchi, who was identified after an analysis of street surveillance camera footage, has denied the charge and is refusing to speak.

Police said Yamaguchi is suspected of being responsible for similar incidents involving 70 cars from late September to Oct 27, all in Mihama Ward and all occurring around dawn.

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Love to know why

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Unemployed automotive spray painter...?

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Toyota, Nissan,or Mazda should employ him,instead of prison.

In Germany,expert car thieves are released from jail in order to test and advise on car security measures.

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But was his tagging work any good? I have seen some of the most amazing graffiti art in my trips around this world. (Not saying I want it on my car, of course, unless it's a Banksy that would increase its value.)

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I'm curious as to the makes of the vandalized vehicles. For instance, they may be all luxury brands. Or, foreign brands. Or, Nissans. If there was a pattern to the brands, that could offer a possible motive, such as class envy, xenophobia, or perceived injustice, as just a few examples.

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Maybe he didn’t even do it, the police here are buffoons and cads of the highest order at times.

I wouldn’t trust them to make a slice of toast without burning it

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