Man threatens to detonate bomb during baseball game at Sapporo Dome


A man threatened to detonate a planted bomb if the baseball game between the Nippon Ham Fighters and the Rakuten Eagles was not stopped at Sapporo Dome on Monday night.

According to police, the Sapporo Dome Call center received a call from a man at 9:15 p.m. Sports Nippon reported that the caller said he had planted a bomb and threatened to detonate it if the game was not stopped immediately.

Police said a thorough search of the stadium was conducted, but no bomb was found. There was no disruption to the game.

About 30,000 fans were at the game which ended at around 9:50 p.m. Rakuten won 4-1.

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Must have been a Ham fan.

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According to the police, he sounded like a drunken man talking over the phone. I mean, I read it in a Japanese online newspaper.

At any rate, it's a good thing it didn't turn into a serious situations.

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Was he afraid his team, that he bet his family's life savings on, would lose?

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Yet another nutter.

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Some people ....

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I know he was embarrassed Pa League's best was losing to the worst but you gotta take it like a man and realize there are over 110 games left this season.

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They searched a stadium while it was crowded? I have to wonder how thorough their "thorough search of the stadium" was. "Do you guys see anything?"..."No. You?"..."Nope"..."That's good enough. Time for a beer".

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Must've had money on Fighters or abandoned game. At 9:15 the Fighters were probably behind. I agree, sensei258, how well could you search a stadium, that's rubbish.

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what HTF can you do a proper search when there are thousands of people and bags at the game. they basicallly called his bluff, now imagine if the bomb was real and went off!

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