Man to be arrested for murder of Tokyo vocational student


Police are planning to charge a 27-year-old man with robbery and murder, after already arresting him in December for abandoning the body of a 20-year-old vocational school student from Tokyo in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture. 

According to police, Yoshinobu Kumazawa, of no fixed address, is suspected of having stolen Natsuki Taniguchi’s cash card after suffocating her to death in her dormitory room in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, at the end of last November, Fuji TV reported. Around the same time, about 60,000 yen, almost all that remained, was withdrawn from her bank account. Police believe Kumazawa got the PIN number from the victim before murdering her. 

Kumazawa was arrested for abandoning the victim’s body after surveillance camera footage showed him leaving Taniguchi’s apartment building on the night of Nov 28, carrying a large mattress, which police believe contained Taniguchi’s body.  

Taniguchi’s body was found in a rental car in a parking lot in Iwaki on Dec 9, after she was reported missing from her dormitory on Nov 29.

Taniguchi was last seen at the vocational school on Nov 28. The dormitory she lived in belonged to the school. On Dec 6, a school official called Taniguchi’s parents to report that she hadn’t been to school since Nov 28. Her father went to her room and found blood-stained sheets.

Police said there was also a note, purportedly written by Kumazawa, in which he hinted at his involvement in Taniguchi’s death and that he wished to die as well.  

Police said Kumazawa worked for one night in October at the same bar where Taniguchi worked part-time, but quit after apparently becoming infatuated with her.

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Murdered for 600 bucks. What a disgusting piece of trash he is. Let’s hope he never sees freedom (or steak) again.

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Hard labor

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After one day of employment and only a few hours of that day he becomes infatuated with her and quits. This guys has issues. At 27 years of age you would think he's mature enough and able to think clearly enough to control his urges. No wonder the population in Japan is dwindling down some many murders are happening in Japan, The murderer goes to Jail and the deceased gets cremated two less people in Japan. Not to mention the off spring that might have been produced.

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No wonder the population in Japan is dwindling down some many murders are happening in Japan

In 2016, Japan had 362 'intentional deaths' (aka murders), in a population of approximately 126,440,000. That works out to about 0.00028% of the population. Hardly a meaningful number, and therefore definitely not at all the reason why Japan is declining in population.

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RIP to the young lady, she had her whole life ahead of her.

@Harryo, seriously? Think before you post next time, the population is declining for a number of factors not due to an incredibly high homicide rate.

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AustPaul : Oh I do think before I post and any murder in Japan causes the population in Japan to dwindle down not by much but yet it does go down and in this case it's one less individuals walking, talking & breathing and another going to jail. Now on my first post I never said murder was the Main or Major cause of the population decease in Japan, Did I.

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To murder for so little? The guy is a nut job. Infatuated with but then murders her? The guy is a nut job!

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