Man to be indicted over deadly arson attack on Kyoto Animation in 2019


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This man's selfish motive always revolted me. Did he think he was the centre of the World?. Couldn't he handle the frustration of being turned down [his novels] by the company? We all suffer from frustrations after all and none of us go setting people ablaze. However, if found to have a severe mental illness, I think he should be given special sentence, but never allowed to set foot in free society again. I am very ambiguous to the mental illness defense, and always have been, ever since I myself suffer from a developmental disorder (autism related) for the whole 28-years of my life and forever, and again, I don't go around killing people. What a hard case for the justice, and how many innocent and talented lives ruined! Horrible, sad, and never to be repeated.

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Hang this evil individual PLEASE. Nothing can be gained by paying hundreds of millions of yen over many decades to keep it alive.

RIP to the 36 innocent people killed and dozens of other lives destroyed.

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He's definitely going to swing. People in Japan have swung for less.

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It's about time. I lost track of where this case was. Most of these mass murders (this one, the Sagamihara home for the disabled, the dismemberments in Zama City) all have such long pre-trial proceedings because of the likely mental health issues.

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Crimes like this one illustrate the conundrum of treating all members of society fairly.

We all want to practice empathy, to try to understand the other person's point of view. But is that possible, or even desirable, in a case like this one? Is it possible for a rational human to understand how another rational human would find it right and fitting to kill dozens of other people? I am left to conclude that there comes a point when rather than try to understand and empathize with a perpetrator's point of view, it is just as important to take measures to protect everyone else from the one (or group) who sees murder as justified.

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Let the victims and/or family members watch this open and shut trial (since he admitted to it) and let them say their piece.

Give him a sentence appropriate for committing such a vile crime.

Introduce this scumbag to the Japanese prison system and put him to work.

If he does end up on death row, I've read that you're not told your date. Here, death row inmates in Japan wake up wondering if the new day will be their last.

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