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Man to sue former boss over yearend party assault resulting in burns


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It was not immediately clear why the victim has waited three years to file charges.

What difference does it make? Assault is assault, and that "president" has some serious power-harassment issues,

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Beyond being curious as to why he waited three years, it’s irrelevant.

I saw this video. It’s horrific. Worst boss ever.

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I am sure the Japanese judicial system has the equivalent of assault or grievous bodily harm, IF they guys face was pushed/held in hot water for some time, could that constitute as trying to drown him? if so that is manslaughter or attempted murder.

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Certainly, there should be criminal charges for this action.

Why are there not?

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Certainly, there should be criminal charges for this action.

Why are there not?

That’s answered in the article.

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Prosecute the president as well as the gutless onlookers who witnessed the cruelty and said/did nothing.

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Damn.... how'd you like to work for that guy, constantly in fear of him bursting a vein and going off on you. And I agree with Concerned.... no way possible I'd ever let that happen if I were sitting there. The other guests were gutless. But this is an overall problem in Japan.... its not my business therefore just let it happen, no matter how wrong it is.

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I guess his boss is in hot water now.

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Corporate bullying is alive and well in Japan.

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Probably without a video, nothing could happen. I was robbed and know who did it and where they live. Police did nothing cause I had no video.

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Absolutely. It doesn't matter how long ago an assault was. If the victim's life is negatively impacted, they should of course be able to file charges, every time.

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This boss is a complete A$$.

Sounds like the company is very shady and the perp is probably a complete dirtbag. Interesting article (in Japanese)

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These kinds of enabled tyrants are not as rare as you may think. All fun and games until you stop to actually think about what you’re doing. Low level stuff. Have had the misfortune to witness some of these types for myself. Animals.

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This crap happens mainly because of Japan's culture of "gaslighting". What is that you say? Yes, Gaslighting. The art of kissing up to your superiors and laughing at everything they say and agreeing with everything they do. These "bosses", get so full of themselves that they eventually step over the line.... and then its time for a new guy to become the boss. This doesn't happen as often in the West because people treat most "bosses" on a close to even basis and they'll tell their boss if they think he's wrong. Bosses here haven't got a clue because no one says anything to them. Don't blame the Boss.... blame Japanese culture.

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^ That's not what gaslighting is.

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That's shocking; the boss should be in jail and I hope the police arrest him soon.

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I guarantee the guy won't see prison. Not for a day. He'll pay a small fine and won't even be fired.

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Why are there not?

because elites in Japan dont go to prision, just suspended sentences

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 That's not what gaslighting is.

think he meant "brown nosing" or "apple polisher" as refered to in Japan

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And what did the other 8 people do absolutely nothing to stop it.

Everyone at the party is to blame and would dissociate from all them.


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Bullying is part of the Japanese corporate culture.

You are not allowed to say no to your bosses or senpais. Written official rules are often overriden by “oral” rules by your senpais and bosses.

There’s likely a lot more cases like this which are not reported. The victim here probably got blacklisted now that he reported this and will have a hard time finding another job, which is probably why he choose to wait and others dont bother reporting.

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Certainly makes achange from the usual complaints about sexual advances.

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Was the guy ever criminally prosecuted? Is "company boss" a category of people who get automatic immunity for assault and attempted murder? Japan has these weird little quirks of sanctioned immorality here and there. Probably "I was drunk when I burned him and almost killed him" got him off the hook?

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Whoever did this is a bully and they exist in all countries---the way to deal with this is at a time and place of your own choosing with no witnesses. You must take action to convince them that they have made a serious mistake and any repeat of similar action will have a deleterious effect on their well being. It's no use complaining to "The Boss" or anyone else, sympathy,like common sense, is a rare commodity.

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I guess the fat brown envelope wasn't fat enough

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