Man under investigation for child prostitution attempts suicide


A man under investigation for suspected involvement in child prostitution was found unconscious at his home in Kamakura, following a suspected suicide attempt, police said Wednesday. According to TV media reports, police visited the home of the 28-year-old air traffic controller on Tuesday at around 7 a.m. to search for evidence that might have linked the man to underage prostitution.

TV Asahi reported that investigators detected the smell the smell of hydrogen sulphide. Police burst into the bathroom to find the man unconscious. Investigators say the man has not yet regained consciousness. Hydrogen sulphide gas can be created by mixing household chemicals and is a common method of committing suicide in Japan.

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Not releasing his name unless and until proven guilty? That would be quite fair.

But is he accused of being a pimp or a john? How did he meet the "child"? Was she pimped or selling herself?

My money is on a 17 year old who has a cell phone full of customers and looks 22, give or take a couple years on both counts. I will also bet that, right now, she is risking some other guy's life so she can get the Gucci bag of her dreams.

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Seems like this perverted piece of vermin either realised the game was up or his consience made him kill himself because he could no longer face how he destroyed childrens lives.

chewitup; There is never an excuse for this sordid business, the criminal understood and took his own life.

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If found to be guilty. Justice has already been served. Goodbye man with no name, you will not be missed.

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Goodbye? it never said he succeeded this attempt.

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Air traffic controller who lost control of his own moral and now no control over life also.

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Seems like this perverted piece of vermin

I know this isn't the "Daily Mail" way, but can we just refer to him as an ACCUSED piece of vermin? There's this whole legal system thing, you know.

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Hope he wakes up. Suicide is too kind a death for this bastard.

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Can't say I feel sorry for him, I just hope he is truly guilty and not a cop shop special

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Police burst in the bathroom.... You mean they knocked for 10 minutes. Sumimasen... your day is up, we got you. Open up or we will turn the knob. Hello...Pimpsan? there? SWAT go!

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Wow. Without details of what happened, people want him to die!

If you whip out a mirror, some of you might realize your moral compass is COMPLETELY broken. You need to get your "worst presumption"-itis cured badly. You also need to realize that morality is not centered on sexual mores. A hard slap upside the head might be a good place to get some of you started. You may admininster youself, but if you need a hand, I will be happy to lend one.

You don't know his name. You don't know his suspected level of involvement. You don't know he knew her age. You don't who instigated what. You don't know what happened. And you think his attempted suicide is justice???

I am taking a memo with some names on it. It says "Presumptive emotional ranter. Ignore as a reflex".

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These moralisers who leap to condemn are exactly the type who commit such crimes. It's there own shame and fear of what they might do that causes the ranting.

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Please go ahead and publish all customers names on J. Newspapers.

If they knew she was a minor, these would be guilty as well as this pimp. I would not be too surprised the list may includes some high profile professionals.

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This is not a nice piece of news, and I do not understand why people here say he is already dead?? The dude tried, TRIED to kill himself, but is still alive right?

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Elbuda Mexicano, unfortunately, the child sex exploitation is a big business in Japan. FBI has been keeping the eyes on a child porno exported by Yakuza groups..

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Remember, folks, that suicide in Japan isn't about guilt, it's about shame. We've seen in the recent past instances of wrongly accused people committing suicide, simply because they had been accused of doing something terrible. Those who have already convicted him based on the thin information in a two-paragraph article aren't really thinking rationally.

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I agree with some others..this is not really news anyway. The article does not give any details about anything, just that he was under investigation. For all any of us know he could have, or she could have, dialed the others number by mistake and now that number was on her phone. So the police were following a lead. Can you imagine the embarrasement this guy must have been going through if he is innocent? Do you think anyone would ever hire him again? Or how his family would most likely be treated also? Of course on the other hand, if he is guilty, may his next "date" be with the Reaper.

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Oh, has anybody heard what they (the police) are doing with these underage girls that are willingly in the buisness? Last I heard it was just like " must not do that. Now eat your gyoza and go to bed.

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chewitup and Jimny1216 are right on. the girl was probably a middle school or high school girl selling herself willfully and will receive zero punishment. i wonder what percentage of the female population of japan has sold themselves in one way or another. i have a feeling the number would be huge.

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hope he wakes up soon. be funny if he was play sleeping now. He will will probably wake up with no memory of anything that happenedlol

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