Man uses pepper spray on employee in ¥10 mil pachinko parlor heist


A man broke into a prize exchange booth at a pachinko parlor in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Thursday and stole 10 million yen in cash after using pepper spray on an employee.

According to police, the robbery occurred at around 12:49 a.m. on Thursday. Fuji TV reported that police received a call from the pachinko parlor in Tama Ward from the 48-year-old woman who had been working in the prize exchange booth. She said that as she was about to leave the office, a man attacked her with pepper spray. He forced her to open the safe at knifepoint, then stole about 10 million yen and fled.

The woman was taken to hospital to be treated for minor burns to her face.

She told police the man was wearing all black, with a black cap and white face mask.

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We seem to be seeing a new trend here.

Where are these criminals getting the pepper spray from? I hope the woman working in the booth can recover. You know what’s coming next right? The banning of pepper spray. Leaving woman vulnerable against sex offenders possibly? Do woman carry it Japan? Can they carry it Japan? Any blowback legally? Seen the whistles.

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So, a 48 year old woman was alone in one of those little pachinko ball exchange offices at 1am with 100 grand in the safe. Seems like a robbery waiting to happen. I wonder how much her cut is.

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Nice!!! I wonder if the police can actually treat this as a crime? Isn't this gambling illegal..... heck, they may have to arrest the woman / employee too.

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Inside job.

-1 ( +0 / -1 ) carries mace. so do my daughters.

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