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Man wanted for attacks on school boys in Saitama


Police in Yashio, Saitama Prefecture, are searching for a man who allegedly assaulted two elementary school boys on Tuesday as they returned home from school.

According to police, the man approached a first-grade boy in the street at around 4 p.m. and said "I'm going to kill you," before squeezing his neck with both hands, TBS reported. Police say the man immediately released the boy and ran away.

A second incident was reported around 15 minutes later at a location 400 meters away, in which a third-grader was approached by a man of the same description. The man reportedly asked the boy where he lived, before grabbing his throat with both hands. The boy told officers he warded the man off with an umbrella and fled the scene, according to TBS.

Police say a search is underway for the boys' assailant, who was described as young and wearing a white T-shirt.

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This month Saitama is making a strong comeback as weird crime centre of Japan.

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Summer is Saitama... I can here the sirens already.

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"Young with a white T-shirt". That'll certainly narrow it down in this heat and humidity. Although I suppose, in this day and age and especially in Saitama, it seems you should be wary of EVERYONE as you go about your daily routine. Hope they catch this sicko.

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My kids go to the local school in Saitama city. In the last month we have had 2 alerts from the school about weird phone calls asking for kids addresses and also sightings of a strange man around school. Luckily we live very close to the school and there is heavy foot traffic between the school and our house so I don't worrytoomuch

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This is scary! This kind of thing is the biggest fear of parents in school. I do hope they catch this nutcase, but I fear there are many more of them just waiting for their chance.

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society is sick.

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Is there a reason why I read that many crimes happen in Saitama/Gunma?

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It is like the looney's hibernate during the winter, hope they catch this idiot,.

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