Man sought over murder of mother, grandmother found dead in apparent suicide


A 25-year-old man being sought by police for questioning over the murders of his 50-year-old mother and 74-year-old grandmother at their house in Ibara, Okayama Prefecture, on Monday, has been found dead in a river in Oita Prefecture after having apparently committed suicide.

Police said the man’s body was found floating in a river Monday afternoon beneath a bridge in Kokonoe, Oita Prefecture, Kyodo News reported. Police believe he jumped to his death. On Wednesday, police confirmed he was the man they were looking for.

Police had been looking for him since Takafumi Miyamoto, 77, a company employee, discovered the bodies his wife, Sachie, and his daughter Chisono Ando collapsed inside their home on Monday. Both women were beaten to death with a metal baseball bat that was left at the scene, police said. Sachie’s body was in the kitchen, while Ando’s was in the bathroom.

A family car was missing and police believe the suspect, who lived separately near the house, took it. Police said clothes belonging to the grandson, with bloodstains, were left at his residence.

The car was found in a parking lot near JR Fukuyama Station in Fukushima, Hiroshima Prefecture, on Monday. Police said station surveillance camera footage showed the suspect boarding a train for JR Hakata Station.

Police said an autopsy showed the body had been in the water for a few days and added they are trying to trace the man’s movements after he left Hakata Station.

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I know this will sound callous, but good riddance. Beating family members to death with a baseball bat is horrific.

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Bastøy Prison (Norwegian: Bastøy fengsel) is a minimum-security prison on Bastøy Island, Norway, located in the Horten municipality about 75 km south of Oslo.

115 inmates. Arne Kvernvik-Nilsen, governor of the prison, leads a staff of 69 prison employees. Of this staff, only 5 employees remain on the island overnight.

Japanese prisons are about remorse and punishment.

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I know this will sound callous, but good riddance. Beating family members to death with a baseball bat is horrific.

Of course it's a good riddance..

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Why the secret squirrel stuff about the name?

They know who he is and who he murdered... His mother and grandmother.

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Beating anyone to death (who is unarmed and not threatening you) with a metal baseball bat is horrific.

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Just think reading this tells me that the mother or wife was in the kitchen doing what she normally does probably preparing a meal the daughter Ando probably preparing for her school or work activities people getting ready for a normal daily life only for it to end helplessly and tragically. This is the world we live in today its sad!

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