Man who fled from Osaka police given 17-year prison term for rape, robbery


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Hida's defense counsel said they are considering whether to appeal the ruling. don't bother, leave him to spend time in jail.

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Way too antisocial, would not want to share a cell with him let alone have him wandering around my area.

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"caused anxiety to society by breaking police station equipment in order to run away,"

I think it was the "rape, robbery and other offenses" part that caused the anxiety. Not the "breaking police station equipment" part.

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All because of some rice cakes!

Not the "breaking police station equipment" part.

True, but that's the embarrassing part! How he managed to just walk out of the police station.

Anyway, let him rot in jail.

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Too bad they catch him this fast.

I'm sure he enjoyed this summer riding a bicycle all over the country.

Looking forward his next jailbreak.

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re: "caused anxiety to society by breaking police station equipment in order to run away"

I can tell you very doubtful anyone lost sleep over the above comment from the article, but I can surely guarantee that the rape, robbery and being on the loose stealing bicycles and food was enough to lose hours or a day of sleep and added worries.

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He shamed the system by slipping out, hence 17yrs. The amount of police they sent out looking for him was just astonishing I recall.

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Rape, robbery, even murderers don't get 17 years here. To the authorities, embarrassing the police is a worse crime than all of those.

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'Anxiety to society'.

Rape is a big enough cause for anxiety as it is. It leaves permanent scars to a person. Robbery is bad enough.

'He continues to give illogical excuses and has not seriously faced up to his actions'

Why don't they plain say that he's a sociothic irresponsible career criminal? Now he has 17 years to think about it all. Come to think of it, maybe they should've given him a life sentence. That would teach him!

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Another nail hammered down. All Asia's golden (or iron) rule: never embarrass authority or cause loss of face to the powers-that-be, or else...

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This sentence is longer than a recent murder case. That's what happens when you inadvertently expose police incompetence.

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