Man, woman arrested over attempted murder of acquaintance


Police in Kanda, Fukuoka Prefecture, have arrested a man and a woman in their 20s on suspicion of attempted murder after they allegedly stabbed a male acquaintance on a street.

According to local media, the incident occurred at around 5:20 a.m. on Thursday. Police said Tsubasa Miyake, of unknown address and occupation, and a female friend, Ayumi Yada, from Hakata in Fukuoka, are accused of stabbing the victim in the neck and back after an argument.

A passerby saw the incident and called police. The victim, who is self-employed, was taken to hospital where doctors said he would need to remain for about a week. 

Police said the suspects alluded to having financial trouble with the victim.

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These kinds of reports are occuring daily now. Japan is no longer the safety country it once was as in times gone by /s

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theres nothing in police power to prevent human mind go evil and crazy. As to why it gets to happen more often is a serious matter to consider.

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The fantasy of Japan being a “safe place” is made up from people that aren’t from Japan, don’t bother comparing it to ———.

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The only people who think Japan isn’t safe are Japanese who never lived abroad. The only reason this makes the news is because it’s rare here. I guarantee there were hundreds of stabbing cases yesterday in the US that don’t even make National news because it’s so common. When Japan starts having mass shootings then maybe I’ll say it’s not that safe.

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I find this terribly upsetting. Why oh why are people so silly, it’s only money nit the wend of the world and the poor victim could have died or been permanently disabled for life.

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