Man's body found in Nagano field


Police are investigating the discovery of a man's body in a field in the Nobeyama highlands of Minami-Makiura in Nagano Prefecture.

According to police, a severed leg was found at around 10 a.m. Sunday by a man who was using machinery to dig up his field, Fuji TV reported. The man called police and said he had dug up something that looked like a human leg.

Police said the leg was severed at the knee. A search of the surrounding area unearthed the man's corpse that was clad in jeans and a jacket, police said. The corpse, which had not yet become skeletonized, was buried about 10 cms deep, police said.

Police also said that a car without license plates was found burning at around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, about 2 kilometers from the field

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What a bizarre story...

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I would guess Yakuza hit.

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But, the authorities are looking after us right?

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

I would guess Yakuza hit.

Do you really think the Yaks would be so careless to leave a body where it could be found? If the Yaks hit you, you disappear. This is more likely some chimpi punk that owed his friends money and they killed him.

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that is really errie.

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Hope it was post harvest! Wouldn't want to eat those veggies or rice.

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