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Marubeni warns of false offers of employment


Marubeni Corp on Thursday warned potential job seekers to beware of false offers from the company.

"We have had a number of inquiries from people who have received emails containing false offers of jobs with Marubeni. These emails are part of a scam which aims to obtain personal details, credit card or bank account details, or to extract money for visa costs etc," Marubeni said in a statement. "Any such offers of employment are in no way connected to Marubeni Europe plc, Marubeni Corporation or any other Marubeni Group company."

Marubeni said it never asks job applicants for money. "Any genuine offer from Marubeni will always be preceded by formal application and selection processes, including face-to-face interviews," the company said.

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Ah the Internet! It has its "ups" and its "downs"... On the other hand, it is refreshing to see the "crime section" doesn't contain any deaths today! (The section just above it does though...)

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All of these swindlers and fraudsters make me sick. Despicable leeches who prey on the gullible and naive. I sure hope they get their just desserts in the end.

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Classic 419 scam.

Surely people know by now......

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Funny stuff. Some great minds out there making themselves rich.

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Marubeni is trying to do the right thing but, it raises the specter of their scandal in 2008 with Lehman Brothers where folks were able to access Marubeni company hanko and even use office space in their headquarter building to host meetings with Lehman representatives.

Marubeni sounds like they need to tighten up in-house security and compliance policies. They're being targeted but at the same time, are probably so lax on their employee confidentiality practices that this kind of stuff occurs.

I have friends who work for Marubeni and even think it's not a bad company. I just think they're much to lax and porous about stuff like this...

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