Mazda employee arrested over murder of colleague in company dorm


Police in Hiroshima have arrested a 20-year-old man on suspicion of killing a 19-year-old employee of Mazda Motor Co, who was found dead in the company dormitory in Minami Ward on Sept 14. The suspect, Suguru Kamikawa, also a Mazda employee, lived on the 7th floor of the company dorm -- the same as the victim, Kyohei Sugano.

According to police, Kamikawa has admitted to the crime and said he killed Sugano by beating him with a fire extinguisher at around 3:30 p.m. on Sept 14, Fuji TV reported Saturday. Sugano's body was found by another dorm resident on the emergency exit stairwell on the second floor at around 4:15 p.m.

Police investigations subsequently learned that on the same morning after he and Kamikawa finished their overnight shift, Sugano had withdrawn 1.2 million from his bank account. Street surveillance camera footage showed Sugano getting in and out of Kamikawa's car to use several ATMS where he withdrew the money.

Police quoted Kamikawa as saying he had killed Sugano after an argument and then stole the money and the victim's smartphone, which eh threw away. However, he has kept silent on what he did with the stolen money,

Sugano and Kamikawa both joined Mazda in April, 2015.

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Call me Ben Matlock. I called it.

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wasted future... too young

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@:clamenza: so you think he is innocent? I think he is guilty. In killing. Ben handle only innocent cases,

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Ben and I both say guilty, toshiko

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Money is will make people do some unthinkable things.

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@clemenza: I think Japanese polices are very efficient and fast.

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Safety Japan strikes again.

Moderator: Please stop posting this meaningless babble. You are doing it on too many threads. It is not even grammatically correct.

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Toshiko, do you think it's normal for all these suspects to quickly confess to their crimes? Do you ever wonder what happens in the interrogation rooms, which aren't equipped with video cameras?

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@Gale: write what happens in interrogation room in Japan.

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