Member of fraud ring who escaped from police in March arrested


Police in Nagoya have arrested a 41-year-old man who was placed on a nationwide wanted list after he escaped from Tokyo police in March while being questioned about his involvement in a telephone fraud scheme.

According to police, Shunsuke Amamoto was detained Thursday in a Nagoya convenience store, Sankei Shimbun reported. Police said his belongings were in a locker at a pachinko parlor.

Amamoto escaped from police on March 18 when they came to question him at his apartment in Ota Ward, Tokyo. He jumped from the balcony and fled barefoot.

He was suspected of being part of a gang that targets elderly people on the phone, scamming them out of millions of yen. Police said Amamoto had fraudulently obtained the cash card of a woman in her 80s, who lives in Machida, and used it to steal 1.8 million yen from her bank account in February.

Police said Amamoto, who was returned to Tokyo on Friday, has denied the charge.

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Stealing is bad enough but stealing from the elderly make you scum.

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Try to question him in a place that is locked this time.

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From the stories posted here, seems like 95% of J-Police are like the Keystone Cops. That can't be true.

The guy running away while being questioned isn't really THAT bad, but doesn't police procedure have all exits blocked, the suspect sitting, physically controlled, and the building surrounded by 3-4 other cops if they are going for an arrest?

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