Mexican president: Japan a role model for social development


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So, let me get this straight. Pena Nieto sees Japan as a model for its drug war. So, create a favoured mafia-like organisation, then charge it with keeping calm in some areas in exchange for monopoly rights on certain stimulants that at least allow users to work harder (or keep awake), while cracking down on anything that might lead users to relax and question the point of their lives.

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Japan a role model for social development

Yeah, compared to Mexico I guess it is, but he has obviously never lived here.

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......, and arm it to the teeth with automatic weapons too!

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I see Nieto has learned the art of dealing with Japan 101; Stroke their needy egos. Economic assistance depends on it.

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& a role model to the world of how to lie to your populace & keep control of them by knocking the nail that stands up down...

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Sure, Japan is not perfect but try living with the Satanic Narco Terrorist drug dealers day in and day out, then you may begin to start to appreciate how really good we got it here in Japan!!

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Looks to me ,that many comments on here are from americans or europeans living in Japan......

Both of those locations not setting good examples of living to anybody

So why would I bother reading anymore

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In Mexico we cannot ride taxi cabs, it IS dangerous. Recently in some cities criminals have been murdering with rapid gun fire taxi drivers and their passengers. Sometimes criminal bands fight against each other killing innocents that had the misfortune to be in the wrong time and place.

I would rather go to live in Japan for the rest of my life than staying in this putrefact country called mexico (yes, with lowercase). I did not choose this country to be born in.

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Abe Kano - I only have one piece of advice for you. Get the hell out of their!

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"Elbuda Mexicano Sure, Japan is not perfect but try living with the Satanic Narco Terrorist drug dealers day in and day out, then you may begin to start to appreciate how really good we got it here in Japan!!"

Exactly! Sounds like somebody wants something. Sadly, Mexico is ruled by greedy people and the populace pays the price. I love Mexico~... Love it! But, I am scared to go there anymore. Driving to En Sanada wihich is not that far I drove through 5 checkpoints that were armed with ;50cal Machine guns. Sad.. I miss the old days.

I wonder what this Presidente is up to. And I wonder if his palm has already been greased for him to say such a thing. Model Society??? Ai Yai Yai! By whose standards???

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Never been to Mexico, but I hear they make bloody good tequila and nachos there! Dunno if it's worth getting randomly gunned down on the streets for though...

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Mexico is very beautiful and rich in natural resources (historically much richer than the US). The problem is that they are openly corrupt politically = you have few super-rich billionaires (stealing all assets) and very many poor people living under fear. =A model country for the globalists. And it did not help that many farmers were forced out of farming from NAFTA food imports from the US. (Univision special on ATF US Gov --> Mexico gun running "Fast and Furious")

You are starting to see this sort of corruption come to Japan. Fukushima (the way the GOV notified the populace of radiation) and the Japan Post bank going private and now with the BOJ inflation are signals of an economy slowing going corrupt. Not listening to the needs of the people of Okinawa (bases). Japan farmer issue could become what happened in Mexico.

At some point the Mexicans will fight back against this corruption. -And that is what is happening now. Mexicans are arming themselves (perfectly legally) and fighting back. They have had enough and with the internet(s) and especially mobile it is very easy to organize. =The Gov of Mexico better be listening or they will have succession and civil war(s).

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There's a lot of good people in Mexico that only want a better life, but we live under the influence of merciless thiefs and drug dealers that makes our country like an awful place. I don't really know if we will get better someday, but we have to deal with it everyday.

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DisillusionedApr. 10, 2013 - 05:55PM JST

Japan a role model for social development

Yeah, compared to Mexico I guess it is, but he has obviously never lived here.

I see many comments like that, obviously many are from Americans or other foreigners living in Japan. It kind of begs the question--if you feel that way, why are you there? Seems to me there are lots of people who go to foreign countries and refuse to adapt, they expect the country to change its culture just for them. Japan Is a very law abiding, orderly country compared to many others (and it does not have the out-of-control drug problems that many other countries have).

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I agree the Mexican president may not have a full understanding of Japan, but at least in Japan fighting between Japanese maffia and the police or maffia fighting among themselves rarely involve innocent bystanders, the casualty rate in mexico is horrendous!

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All I have to say is I was in Japan for the last two weeks and I have been depressed ever since returning to the U.S.

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The USA wished it were as safe as Japan and the USA hopes that the narco drug ward will not spill over into the USA but we all know that it will eventually happen since all of the "casual" drug users in the USA ate helping to fund the drug wars with millions and millions of $$$$$$$iUSS!!

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Yea, it may be USD funding those cartels and the political corruption in Mexico but it is the savages in those cartels that has no value for human life. The drugs go where the money is and that is North America not Central or South America.

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Fed up with the police’s failure to curb crime, armed groups have spread to at least four Mexican states, manning checkpoints, patrolling streets and in one case killing a “suspect” in a shootout. (Militias in Mexico taking back their communities)

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@Elbuda Mexicano

To be honest the average American doesn't care, as long as he gets his daily dose of Rupert Murdoch propaganda nonsense, is allowed to keep his gun collection that he believes is keeping him safe from his fellow American, and he makes damn sure his neighbor can't send their kids to college or get adequate healthcare. These are the things that make the average American happy.

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