Missing woman probe leads to more severed body parts being found in Kyoto, Osaka


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Wtf is going on?

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More sick and twisted people... two stories like this on the same day...

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He could have at least buried the whole body in one place so at least there's some closure for the family

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How awful.

It reminds me of the murder of the Black Dalia and the Cleveland Torso murderer. Not to mention the other poor woman who was also killed and dismembered.

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Another one? Ugh, how some people can kill let alone chop a body to pieces is beyond me.

The U.S. national, who entered Japan in late January,

Only a month in Japan and already 1 victim? Perhaps the US police should do a background check into his hometown for missing people, good chance this is not his first victim.

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The news is not clear but I'm assuming it was an Air BnB apartment. However, the news did say that the property was not registered with the city as is required by law. I have a feeling that the many many places that are renting out rooms "under the radar" are soon going to be getting serious pressure from authorities.

This is more about the lack of safety that dating apps provide but I think it's Air BnB, and those who rent rooms out on it, that are going to take heat.

Often, it seems that it takes something like this to happen before action is taken in Japan.

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I think I’ve said this before but quite some time ago. As grotesque as it is, I think in many cases the dismembering of bodies by the murderer is more of a practical matter. If the culprit feels they cannot leave the body where it is, but lacks s vehicle to transport it, or a garden to bury it in, cutting it up and carrying the parts in a bag or suitcase in several trips to another or more locations is one solution. This guy they were saying took trips by train and all locations are near stations.

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@Miyako. You can’t blame Airbnb on an American psycho. Airbnb is very safe as you need to have a profile. Hotels and love hotels don’t require any background checks.

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He had taken several other women to the same condominium, but the police have already confirmed the safety of all of them.

That is a relief - very lucky escapes.

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Get the sob off the streets. Sicko.

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Call me old fashioned but these deai sites and pick up apps are a bit on the creepy side. You can understand people going to singles bars and events etc but this straight to date with someone you’ve picked out of a photo line is a big jump of trust. Didn’t work out for this poor lass too well. If I had a daughter I’d be talking to her as much as possible to make sure she doesn’t end up going out and meeting some hairy palmed psychopath.

Ya wanna stick to introductions, pubs and clubs folks.

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> He could have at least buried the whole body in one place so at least there's some closure for the family

You expect a man that dismembers a body to have respect when it comes to burial?

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Correction: Reclaiming the recesses body and contiuing to dread its Evil.

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@Goodlucktoyou. I totally agree with you that you can't blame Air BnB. It's not their fault but having lived in Japan as long as I have I know this is going to feed into the anti-minpaku narrative that many Japanese people have and so I fear the government is going to lay the blame or somehow use this in it's aggressive regulation of Air BnB amd other minpaku sites. That's all I'm saying. I'm certainly not putting the blame on anyone but that psychopath.

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His dream was to marry a Japanese woman?

He took several back to his place(s)?

I think see what happened.

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Why in the world would someone do something like that? There actions made me physically sick. Like you have to be beyond evil to do that to anything living especially another human.

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“My son’s dream was to marry a Japanese woman,” said the mother of Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar "I don't know how he could do this."

Sounds like he wanted a 'trophy' of some sort, possibly believing the stereotypes about Japanese women. Maybe he killed that one because she didn't 'fit' his expectations or 'dreams'. Nonetheless, there is NO EXCUSE or defending of this sick, psychotic behavior. The man is just plain evil!

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The Rolling Stones put out a song in 1983 called 'Too Much Blood'. The lyrics mention some 'Japanese guy who had a girlfriend in Paris' who 'took her to his apartment, cut off her head and stuffed the remaining body parts in the refrigerator'. Then that sick cannibal person later buried her bones. Supposedly such an incident truly did happen. Man, that's morbid.

In any event, I hope Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar never gets to return to the U.S.A. I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison for this hideous crime.

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I'm glad the other women made their getaway from this sick creep.

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American man with long Russian name. Background check please. Russian immigrant carrying USA passport!

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This guy will hang for for this crime here I think. Poor young woman taken from her family way to soon. How the rest of you can muster meaningful comments is somewhat comforting. A voice for her. As I am just left speechless. Ever since I stared coming here to read news on JT. My image of Japan has really been diminished and damaged somewhat. I know this is not a Japanese on Japanese crime. Yeah, I agree. Time for some digging in the back grounds prior to issuing passports. I am not sure who suggested that. But it sounds reasonable. I am really left speechless and do not want to think what this young vibrant and I am sure lovely young lady endured under this demons hands. Many of us disagree and have difference of opinions when we read theses stories here on JT and comment. Not seeing to many -'s in this write up or paste and copy. Rest in peace unknown young lady. If there is a better place or a heaven. I pray you are in bliss and at peace.

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Yeah it's a true story and the guy is alive and living free in Japan now. VICE did a piece on his story. Because of some legal mixup between France and Japan, this dude walks free.

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