Mizuho ordered to suspend part of loan business over yakuza contacts


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This is part of the Japanese Culture, this has been around for Hundreds of years. It will never change.

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Is Mizuho the only bank that was caught doing this or did they not pay the pay-offs to the government watchdog their payments to look the other way?

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I was considering closing my Mizuho account but my company pays our wages through one of their branches. And anyway, if Mizuho lend money to criminals they probably all do,

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Good! The loan business is historically anti-social and detrimental to society. Don't borrow money - ever.

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That's what Compliance Officers are for: The loan officer doesn't need to reject the lian directly and just blame headquarters

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I'm just speculating, but the people who OK'd the loans might have been between a rock and a hard place. I.e, what did they think might happen to them or their family if they said no? More to the point: why are organized crime syndicates allowed to exist?

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Please come back next month or try another Mizuho subsidiary. Than you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Wow, a one-month suspension on new loans for breaking the law, lying about it, covering it up, then eventually being caught on the lie. It's no wonder they're going to continue doing it once the suspension is lifted.

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