More truck batteries stolen in Saitama


Police in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, said that 10 batteries were stolen from five trucks in a parking lot on Dec 28.

Prefectural police said there have now been at least 200 similar cases in the past few months in which batteries and other parts for have been stolen from trucks and cars.

According to police, the total cost of the stolen batteries is about 350,000 yen, TV Asahi reported. Investigators are analyzing footage from a nearby security camera to try and identify the thieves.

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I'm positive we will see charges made soon.

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Yep. Someone's bound to be charged soon.

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Looks like Saitama is really fighting for No.1 crime spot for 2015. One day and already two stories.

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These have to be used in the secondhand vehicle market. It shouldn't be too diffuse for the cops to track them down.

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now now Smith you know better than that

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It must be stolen for to export to other country like Pakistan and Middle East.

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