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Mother, 2 sons found dead in apparent murder-suicide


A 39-year-old woman and her two children, aged 11 and 8, were found dead in their home in Nagoya in an apparent murder-suicide on Thursday, police said.

According to police, the three bodies were found by the woman's husband, Jun Morikawa, 41, when he returned to his home in Midori Ward at about 3 p.m., Fuji TV reported. He found the body of his wife Eriko, and his sons, Natsuki, 11, and Keigo, 8, all dead, on the second floor, and called 110. The boys were found in one room, lying face up on a futon, while Eriko was found hanging on a rope attached to the door handle of a room on the second floor of the house. Police said there were strangulation marks on their necks.

Police said a suicide note was found near Eriko's body.

The door and windows of the house were locked and there were no signs of any struggle, police said.

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Ughhh,,,, WTF?!!

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PLEASE do not take others with you if you have sunk so low you feel there is absolutely nothing else you can do but kill yourself. There is no way the 8 and 11-year-old needed to die because this selfish woman felt she did. And please, people, no "delayed PPD" or other excuses. I agree with anyone who wants to argue there is not enough support for families, and perhaps women raising children in particular, but there are plenty who did it without murdering their kids. May this selfish and despicable woman rot in hell.

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@ smith - I was in complete agreement, right up to that "rot in hell" comment.

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@ smith - I was in complete agreement, right up to that "rot in hell" comment.

"..Me too

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@ smith - I was in complete agreement, right up to that

Its the same spin "rot in hell" with all the same trimmings

And please, people, no "delayed PPD"

repeated over & over.

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The mother was one sick puppy and the thing is there is no way of telling when this happens. Depression is a serve illness and this mental illness is increasing. Japan society is in bad shape. I am have a habit of being aware of my surrounding when in crowds. I have alway had this habit even when I was young. Not scared but fully aware. So when I am out and around in Japan I have notice how so many people fake being asleep while seated on the train. I find this as a self defence response to people not wanting to be social.

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"rot in hell" I do agree. Even depressed, it is perverse to kill your offspring in an environment where kids are well treated and get a future. Not acceptable in a Christian civilization viewpoint objectively. In Japan, no one seems to care too much when unknown people die in fact.

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In Japan, no one seems to care too much when unknown people die in fact.

Ridiculous. When people get murdered it's all over the news, and they often have people commenting about how it's sad/scary or whatever.

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So very sad. My condolences to the father and other family members

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Sensei, Juanjose, Cosmos: sorry if you don't like the wording, but I have zero pity for people who take the lives of others because they cannot deal with things themselves. They do not deserve any pity at all. The children do, and until I know otherwise the husband does, too. Imagine coming from to find that, and knowing your family is gone because of the actions of one selfish murderer.

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I wish they could've brought the mother back to life – only to be sentenced to death row to hang again.

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