Mother arrested after body of newborn baby found at home


Police in Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture, said Friday they have arrested a 28-year-old woman after the body of her newborn baby was found at her home.

According to police, the woman, identified as Ai Takano, who works part-time at a bar, gave birth to the infant at home at the end of September.

NTV reported that police were alerted by a call from the local welfare office. The welfare officer told police that Takano, who had looked heavily pregnant during a recent visit, came to the office again on Thursday for consultation, but there were no signs of pregnancy.

On Thursday night, they visited the house and found the dead infant wrapped in foam.

Takano, who lives at her home with her mother and two other children, has been charged with abandonment of a body.

Police gave no information about the infant's father.

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hey lady, there's something called "the pill" that you need to look into. but that won't be for another 4 or 5 years until you get out of prison.

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An autopsy will be needed to determine if the mother should be charged with a crime.

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I get so sick and tired of reading these kinds of articles.

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She's 28, has two other kids, works in a bar, and lives with her mother. I'd bet (although I'll get thumbed down for it) that she worked as a hostess & P/T prostitute, wasn't sure who the "father" was, and was tired of raising the spawn of her customers anyway. Still, she could have left the newborn somewhere instead of killing or letting him/her die.

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The question is what kind of options does she have? She is living on welfare it sounds like. I know that most towns pay for 70-90% of the child's birth and hospital fees but what if a woman is living on welfare? I paid about ¥100,000 but that may be a lot of money for some people.

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Another stupid mother who needs her tubes tied

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Ehhh... There was no indication from the article that the baby wasn't stillborn. Before everyone starts calling for the mother's head, let's find out how the baby died, huh?

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I just had a horrible thought...What if she got pregnant on purpose to increase the amount of financial support she was getting, but didn't want to raise the unfortunate child?

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I'm not accusing her of killing her child (not yet anyways), but rather her living arrangements. 2 kids and was pregnant with a third, working in a bar, on welfare, no father, and living with her mother. She is in no position to be having kids.

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That's a minimum of $300 - $500 per month increase of financial support, so its a very possible motive, whether you like it or not.

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