Mother arrested for abuse after nearly 100 scars found on 4-year-old daughter’s body


Police in Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture, have arrested a 29-year-old woman on suspicion of abusing her four-year-old daughter.

According to police, Mayo Nokuo, a part-time employee, allegedly assaulted her daughter on several occasions between Jan 14 and Jan 16, Fuji TV reported. On Jan 22, a staff member at a daycare center, where Nokuo’s daughter routinely goes, noticed her injuries and immediately notified child welfare officials about a case of suspected abuse. The girl was taken into protective custody on Jan 22.

Police said the girl had about 100 scars on her hips, other parts of her body and bruises on her head.

Police said Nokuo has denied the charge and quoted her as saying, “I’ve never raised a finger against my daughter.”

Nokuo lives with her husband and three children. Police did not say whether the two other children had been abused or not.

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Good job on the daycare Woodley for reporting this. The child welfare and the police needs to do ian nvestigation on the parents and a examination on her other children to see if there are any other abuse. Hope they get punished to the fullest extent of the law

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The child can tell who did? The mother denied it, I think the welfare they should ask the child who did it?problem solve.

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Poor child! I would've cried my eyes out even from a paper cut when I was that young, let alone that many scars. Daycare centers would really help in addressing domestic violence as it would allow a third-party perspective on the issue, good on them. Aside from asking the kid, police should ask the children as well. No child should experience such trauma, let alone from someone that should've been protecting and loving them.

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My daughter fell off the swing and bumped her head when she was 4 and still has a small scar and I still feel so bad about it because I couldn't catch her quick enough. I can't imagine how you could deal with your own child being covered in scars especially ones that you caused yourself. Unbelievable.

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quoted her as saying, “I’ve never raised a finger against my daughter.”

Never raised a finger? So, what did she use instead?

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A hundred scares on a 4 year old? Scares are old injuries so 100 is well and truly abuse. Sadly the system of removal and protection is flawed and death is the best option. Once your in the system never get out. Obvious but too hard to fix.

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The child abusers are getting arrested left & right lately. Seems like Japan finally being more proactive in reporting / enforcement.

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@Disillusioned, I think that all countries have dark sides. Even in my country, child abuse with cases of sexual assault is extensive. The worst case is that some Fathers are raping their own child/children. It is really vile. I wish that all of the victims will find justice and I hope that they could find sources of strength for them to continue their lives.

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It's encouraging to see childcare workers, teachers, etc reporting suspected abuse and action taken. Publicizing such cases and the punishments of the perpetrators might help to give would be abusers pause and cause them to refrain from harming thier children.

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Do we really have read another horror story like this already? Seriously what is wrong with some people?

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A lot of these types of news lately, a sure decline in society across Japan.

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Sometimes I despair with the human race I really do.

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This is truly tragic, but I have to ask... why are all fingers pointed at the mother?


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Is it because of the spike in interest surrounding these cases that has brought them to the spotlight and they are now getting reported? Literally everyday there's a story about it.

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This is truly tragic, but I have to ask... why are all fingers pointed at the mother?

Because she is an adult and she is the one who beat the child.

But NOT ALL fingers are to be pointed at the mother, there are factors that brought her to what she did, and everything has to be looked at, her situation and everything, but still, this woman is old enough and she is responsible for what she has done.

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Because she is an adult and she is the one who beat the child.

Is that an assumption?  Or has it already been proven?  Is not the father an adult as well?


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Is that an assumption? Or has it already been proven? Is not the father an adult as well?

Fair enough, I'll retract the part where I said she's the one who beat the child.

However, I stand with my opinion that the mother was responsible as an adult and as a parent.

Having said that, as I said in my earlier post, everything else needs to be looked at and she's not the only one to be pointed fingers at.

Her husband is not mentioned (Japanese news said she has a husband), and here's one more thing that is not mentioned in this article but

this same girl had scars/injuries back in 2017, daycare people noticed that, and failed to report.

They were prompt enough THIS TIME to report, and my personal assumption is that because of some recent cases of child abuse.

Whether she was the one who beat the child or not, she is still responsible - and no, she is NOT the only one who is responsible, but she also is.

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I'm sure she didn't raise a finger - she instead used something else to inflict the damage. Not that it will happen, because of course there is no practice of common sense, but the other two kids should be examined for similar signs of abuse, and interviewed. Investigate the father, too. Let the mother rot in jail. Same with father if he had any part of it.

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