Mother arrested for attempted murder of 2-year-old son


Police in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, have arrested a 39-year-old woman on suspicion of attempting to murder her two-year-old son at their home.

According to police, Michiko Ichikawa strangled her son at around 8:40 a.m. on Wednesday, Fuji TV reported. She then called the Tsuchiura Children’s Welfare Center, with whom she had consulted last December about her “child-rearing anxieties,” and told them she had done “something terrible” to her son.

The center called 119. The child was still alive when police arrived. He was taken to hospital and was in a stable condition on Thursday, police said.

Ichikawa lives with her husband and son. Her husband had left for work prior to the incident.

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There seems to be so many parents with young kids who are emotionally incapable of raising them. There also seems to be a major lack of support and/or help for these people. This woman is in her late 30’s and ‘should’ be emotionally mature enough to raise a young child. It’s great that she didn’t kill him, but how can this child live with knowing his mother tried to strangle him to death?

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Get those kids away from her NOW. Get her treatment ASAP, and/or lock her up. No blaming the dad with the usual "where was the father?" deflection, and no "it might be delayed PPD or PPAP" to let her off the hook and do it again or whatever.

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Now what, give him back so she can finish the job? Will the father choose between his mentally ill wife and his young son? If it was me, I'd take the boy and leave because he needs to feel safe going up.

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But give the mother plenty of supervised visitations.

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Thank God the toddler is OK ....she sure needs psychiatric help by the sound of it. Hopefully the kid will be in better care from now on.

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She'd previously asked for help. She should and the child should have had regular contact with social services.

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So many stories like this one. If only Japan encouraged babysitting, so this woman could get away once in a while for some "me" time, these stories wouldn't be so common.

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Why would anyone give the mother 'supervised visitations'? She lost the right to do that the moment she tried to kill her son.

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The key word is supervised. Kids are very resilient and he probably still loves his mom. There's a chance he won't even remember this when he is bigger unless somebody reminds him. it's usually in the best interest of the kids to have two parents.

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ecs - If only Japan encouraged babysitting, so this woman could get away

Ah, but Japan does encourage babysitting. There are many agencies supplying babysitters and most are at reasonable and affordable prices. However, there has been a string of babysitters abusing children both physically and sexually over the past few years, which has stopped people using these services. It’s a strange irony that parents use babysitters to relive the stress of raising children so they don’t abuse their kids and they hire babysitters that abuse their kids for them.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

If only Japan encouraged babysitting / Ah, but Japan does encourage babysitting.

In the 20 years I managed to stay married, we never ONCE had a baby sitter

when kiddo' was little.

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after reading the article about the 5 year old girl who starved to death and now reading about a mother who tried to kill her son who is as old as my son, my day is pretty much ruined..

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Ironic for a country that runs with empathy. And then again, empathy is applied mainly in business, not private affairs.

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One thing I observed about Japanese women (my opinion based on everyday working with them & in fitness class). Is that they love their "myself time" the way they put on make up & fully dry their hair is really time consuming and I'm guessing (this is just my opinion) as much as they like the idea of a family but the added responsibilities of a mother is overwhelming for them.

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