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Mother arrested for attempted murder of 25-year-old son


Police in Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture, have arrested a 60-year-old Korean woman on suspicion of attempted murder after she slashed her 25-year-old son with a kitchen knife at their home on Tuesday.

According to police, Katsutoshi Ko, a restaurant employee, got into an argument with her eldest son and slashed his chin with a kitchen knife at around 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Sankei Shimbun reported. The victim sustained minor injuries, police said.

Police said Ko has denied the charge. She admits arguing with her son because he wouldn't contribute to their apartment's rent, but claims she did not use the knife.

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There was a similar story yesterday too. Disgusting

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@Vince Black, which part is disgusting " She admits arguing with her son because he wouldn't contribute to their apartment's rent, " or the attempted knife kill. Seems to be the deadbeat son is not much of a son to begin with if he can't take initiative or responsibility in helping out the home. Surely can't hurt.

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Any 25 year-old living at home who can't pay a bit of rent is a leech. My daughter, who was a few years older than that, went through a failed shared-living arrangement with a boyfriend and moved back into her former bedroom in my home. The first thing she said, when we talked about it prior to bringing her things, was that she wanted to pay her own way. And she did, for a year before moving out on her own. It's more than a moral difference, this kind of thing. In Japan, it's a cultural sickness when grown adult children expect to live at home for free.

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Who can say just what kind of tensions were occurring in the home.

I hope she's gets a lenient sentence if the son was in fact, abusing her.

We just don't know.

There both need mediation, That's for sure.

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When I read just the headline I immediately wondered if there was anything a child could do to a parent that would justify attempted murder. With the exception of self defense, I couldn't think of anything.

Failure to pay rent is not a justification for trying to murder your child.

(I can't believe the comments above)

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Easy to judge from U.S. mindset where children move out at 18 (or most of them). In Japan it's not that way and you'll have people in their 30s living with parents. Not to judge Japanese culture. And murder or attempt to it is always wrong.

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Is this perpetrator a Korean National? But she has a Japanese first name. I assume she has a legal status in Japan as a citizen or a legal resident.If someone in America is in the news we normally don’t identify that person by his or her ancestry. I assume that the reporter for this tabloid inserted the woman’s ancestry.

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There are no excuses for this.

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