Mother, boyfriend arrested for abusing her two young children


Police in Omitama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, said Tuesday they have arrested a 26-year-old woman and her 25-year-old boyfriend for abusing her two children, aged 2 and 3.

According to police, Kumi Akimoto and her boyfriend Akira Nakamura began living together in July of this year. TBS quoted police as saying that the two began to abuse Akimoto's 3-year-old son and her two year-old daughter by hitting them across the face and other parts of their body.

The abuse continued until Sept 21 when the abuse was discovered by hospital officials. TBS reported that medical staff at the hospital identified countless bruises on the children's bodies, as well as a number of older marks indicating that the children had been subjected to the abuse for a long period of time.

The two children have been placed in protective care, police said.

Akimoto is a decontamination worker in Omitama, while Nakamura works part-time. Both have admitted abusing the children. Police quoted Akimoto as saying she was goaded by Nakamura into beating her children after they appeared to dislike her boyfriend.

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What a dirty couple ...

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after they appeared to dislike her boyfriend.

2 and 3 years old ffs, he can't handle the feelings of two toddlers? He must have a lot of adult acquaintances then..... not

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Akimoto as saying she was goaded by Nakamura into beating her children after they appeared to dislike her boyfriend.

What a stupid disgusting poor excuse for a human being!! Really? I MEAN REALLY????? You are going to abuse your own kids because because your boyfriend told you to do it??

And perhaps your kids have a fricken better judge of character and you should ficken LISTEN to them rather than abuse them.....ugh...I am so disgusted with these child abuse/killing stories!! Humanity has gone awry! Society is REALLY sick!!

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What will happen to the children now? The trauma and mental/emotional damages they experienced will affect them until they grow old. Poor ones. Shame on the mother.

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@ Mirai - your comment was spot-on. Another case of "the penetration in her situation" being more important than her children.

@ titanium - What will happen to the children? This is Japan. They will be returned to the mother after she cries in front of the judge.

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I sincerely hope that they are not just blindly returned that vile pathetic poor excuse for a mother, otherwise their days will be numbered. Either she, or her scumbag boyfriend will probably kill them if the kids are returned. Please! please! PLEASE! find a loving and caring home for these kids and give them a chance at life! This woman doesn't need to have kids...she needs to be jailed and given time to reflect on her pathetic life and her poor choices, and same for her stupid boyfriend.

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@ Mirai - Amen! I couldn't say it better myself.

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The children will soon be back with the mother and then be murdered by the boyfriend. Someone will appear on TV to say it's "regrettable" and we will wait for the next, similar case to occur.

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Police quoted Akimoto as saying she was goaded by Nakamura into beating her children after they appeared to dislike her boyfriend.

A coward woman.

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Kids should not have kids.

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I really hope so Mirai, the mother shouldn't be allowed to meet the kids until she deeply repent and recollect what she did. I wonder where the father could be?

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Oh, gee, I wonder why the kids didn't like him! Some parents just don't deserve to have kids, but all kids don't deserve to have parents like that.

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I wonder where the father could be?

Given the mother's inability to judge character, the father is probably a real winner too. I hate stupid people. They should all be "fixed" so that they can propagate their stupidity onto the world

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Send this pair of a abusers to jail for ever!

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I came from a home where my moms boyfriend hit me, nobody deserves that fate, as a adult you end up with more burdens then many.

I hope the children end up in a better home

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canadianbentoSep. 24, 2014 - 11:54AM JST

Send this pair of a abusers to jail for ever!

Unfortunately in Japan it will never happen .... maximum few months suspended sentence as usual

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Poor little kids. What total scum bags the mother and BF are. Who would be so insecure that they would harm their kids because their loser boyfriend told them to. The kids obviously had good judgement to react to him with suspicion.

He should be permanently "decontaminated".

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Now is very important for the welfare system to do a right job! If taken care properly the kids will not remember anything of those horrible early times - they still have a chance!

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The boyfriend probably liked to watch her abuse the children the sicko. If the judge gives those children back to the mother he needs to be abused so he can see how it feels

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I love children and Im a mother of 3.. I hope the child protection welfare keep there mother away for long long time.. Please please please Don't fail this time to protect this two innocent child.

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Good. They were found and rescued before it was too late and placed in a safe environment. Now PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT GIVE THEM BACK WHEN SHE CLAIMS TO BE "SORRY" - because thats whats going to happen. She had her chance to be a mum. She lost it.

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One good lesson the both of them to have is to be given to me and I promise that they will not look half as bad as the two little ones do.

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Where is the love?

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I salute the hospital and hospital stuffs. They saved two babies.

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