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Mother, daughter fatally stabbed in Aichi apartment


A 43-year-old woman and her 19-year-old daughter were fatally stabbed in their apartment in Komaki, Aichi Prefecture, on Monday afternoon.

Police said they received a call at about 5 p.m., saying that a man was bleeding from the stomach in a parking lot. The man, in his 20s, was quoted by police as saying that he tried to kill himself and that there had been some trouble in the nextdoor apartment, TV Asahi reported.

Police entered the apartment and found the two women with stab wounds to the stomach and chest. They were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead a short time later, TV Asahi reported.

Police said the daughter's 2-year-old baby girl was found in another room with head injuries, but she is in a stable condition.

The man in his 20s remains unconscious in hospital.

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He was a stalker stalking the 19 year old girl -reported by other news outlets

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You know what's going to happen to the guy. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes!

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According to the news, the 19 year old daughter has not complained of any stalking to the police, although she did tell one of her former classmates from elementary school that she she was being stalked by a man who is her co worker . The Japanese courts will most likely sentence him to death. I feel pity for the two year old baby girl.

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This kind of news needs to stopped! RIP

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It is very sad about that 2 year old.

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Dennis, you don't like news? Then stop reading them. News blackout is only good for facists hoping to go against the public.

I hope they find loving caretakers for the 2-year old, who had her whole family taken away by a selfish childish freak criminal. He didn't think he'd get the death penalty? Too late to learn now.

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DoLittleBeLate, I think that Dennis was trying to say that events like this need to be stopped, not actual news reports about said events.

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My heart goes out to the 2-year old.

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This kind of incident seems to happen every week.

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19 year old had a 2 year old kid and was living with mom... Troubles invited perhaps? RIP ladies...

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how can you blame her lifestyle for causing her murder? that's like saying, "oh, she's wearing a short skirt so she must want me to look up it." logic failing perhaps?

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Japan needs an environment where women feeling threatened could receive help from police. Obviously this was not the case here, nor in the recent identical Chiba stalker case.

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