Mother of singer Hiromi Go conned out of Y2 mil


The mother of popular singer Hiromi Go was conned out of 2 million yen by a man who was posing as a friend of her son, police said.

According to police, on Feb 5, Go’s mother, who is in her 80s, received a phone call at her residence in Meguro Ward. The caller pretended to be her son and said that his bag containing money had been stolen, Fuji TV reported Tuesday. Later that same day, the mother received a second phone call in which the same man said, “I found my bag, but I need cash. Would you mind helping me out?”

The following day, on Feb 6, a man who introduced himself as belonging to an affiliate of Go’s production company, visited Go’s mother and received 2 million yen in cash from her.

The case came to light after Go visited his mother and heard what happened.

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Maybe they'll finally start dealing with this seriously since it's a celebrity (or rather, relative of).

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It's like smoking. Even after being told over and over how dangerous it can be, people still fall for it.

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They hear it in the news all the time, see posters plastered all around train stations and ATMs, and hear warnings broadcast in train stations and over police PA systems, and yet people still fall for this crap.

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