Mother ordered 11-year-old daughter to help strangle her father: prosecutors


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If he wasn’t abusive, this is a very traumatic experience to put an 11 year old through. What kind of mother would try to have murder on her child’s hands?

If he was abusive, this is still a messed up and traumatic experience to put a child through.

I don’t know what kind of debts she racked up, but it seems as if she was bad with money. Seems he was disappointed in her spending habits and refused to let her drag them down any further financially.

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WTF! She gone crazy! Scary woman !!!! And what about the girl how she can forgot those abused she's already 11, and all things are clear in her eyes and ears?

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If you don't want to be apart from mom, you have to kill dad

Pure poison

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Agree with Jetplane, we still haven't heard the side of the husband on whether or not he abused the wife and kid. But in any case, recruiting a pre-pubescent kid to help kill his father is just plain wrong and traumatic. She should've reported it to the police instead. I pray for the kid, I hope this doesn't scar her for life

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Wow! That girl's gunna need some therapy!

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Wow. That girl will be messed up for life. Crazy.

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Feel so sorry for the daughter being put through this.

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Some of the comments on here makes me feel people read the papers (online or newspapers) and take all this info as a yardstick to judge a country. To put things in perspective, 'when a dog bites a man this is not news, when a man bites a dog this is news', we have to remember this is the criteria the media use to sell their ware. Have faith people, keep a balance, there is a lot of wonderful things in our world

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Hope she gets a (not suspended for five years) lifetime sentence.

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TIJ! Nothing surprises me anymore. Good luck with sorting it out. I hope the daughter receives the counseling she will need to bring her back from her mother’s delusions. .

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Some people are dark and disturbed.

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Money is and will always be the root of all things evil.

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Very unfortunate for the little girl, she will face problem in her life, she lost Dad and Crazy Mom as well.

Almighty help her.

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