Mother sent to prosecutors over 7-year-old son's death in 2019


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So three of her children died within a year of giving birth and that didn't raise any suspicion? Now, after child number 4 dies and 2 years later they decide to arrest her. Somebody probably forgot to hanko the arrest warrant

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No autopsies conducted? Just take her word for it. I'm curious as to whether there was a man in the picture as there was no mention of a father, grandparents or even relatives as is often the case in these stories. Poor kids.

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Seems awfully odd for a ‘developed nation’*, doesn’t it* ?* @Mocheake 8:55am: ***

*- **“No autopsies conducted?” -*

Some here allege Japan is perhaps a poor country without ‘financial resources’ or sufficient law enforcement manpower to conduct autopsies in every suspicious death. Silly idea, right ?

Conducting more autopsies in Japan has been recognized over the last several years by other G7 and OECD member nations.

Only 11% of cases in Japan get autopsy. Medical examiners still may order autopsy, according to changes in the law in 2012. The target of the revised law is to increase autopsies to 20%.

Additionally, police can also force the performance of an autopsy without family consentIF it is recommended by a forensic medical examiner.

There were ONLY 929 officially classified ‘homicides’ in 2020 of the 614,303 recorded criminal cases.

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If she’s not a murderer, she has to be the unluckiest mother of all time.

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The ‘system’ failed these children. Now its time to clean up the messes. Child welfare in Japan is overly-complicated and mostly, an apathetic “system” where there is little-to-no followup between police and welfare workers on critical cases of children at risk. -

A “Rest In Peace” is hoped for all these unfortunate souls and may ‘justice’ be served to ‘honor’ their memory.

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Seems simple to address: A Kyodo news story via Japan Today on suspected crimes & social issues affecting persons within the country of Japan.

“Child welfare in Japan is overly-complicated and mostly, an apathetic “system” where there is little-to-no followup between police and welfare workers on critical cases of children at risk.” -

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Sterilize her.

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Surely the members of the ‘family court’ need to be investigated/prosecuted for this? IF they knew 3 other children had died in the care of this butcher then they should be charged with manslaughter among other things….

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Tragic how the system failed. Here is recent information from 2016 on the difficulties nearby Chiba prefecture’s medical examiners faced dealing with Japan’s bureaucracy regarding the dire need to conduct more forensic evaluations of live subject and forensic autopsies of deceased persons: -
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4 children died. Their mother said I didn't do anything! Talk show this morning.

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Death penalty for her.

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They live 50 years in the past as usual. No mental health awareness and people around "don't see, don't hear, don't speak".

The scariest thing is that Japan is still my happy place when I travel, but reading reports about extreme crime every single day and most of it committed by severely mentally ill people, I'm thinking that all this time I'd been walking among all sorts of disturbed people who had potentially committed heinous crimes and that likely would never pay for it. Blood chilling.

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So they waited until she snuffed the lives out of not one, not two, but four children before taking any kind of action? Who in the hell is running Japan's justice system because this is an absolute farce. Honestly, it's like Japan doesn't value its young. No wonder the birthrate here in declining at a frightening pace - who wants to raise kids in a country that doesn't value them?

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