Mother suspected of killing son by wrapping him with futon


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I think Japanese parents need medical counseling from city office and monitor the child on monthly basis... the government keep on complaining birthrates are decreasing but what positive action they have took apart from giving child care money ...

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This is sick. Its seems everyday there is a story about a parent killing a child in Japan.

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Surprised that it wasn't blamed on postpartum depression like they always seemed to do

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A 31-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday for allegedly killing her two-year-old son by wrapping a Japanese-style mattress called futon around him at their home in Tokyo, police said.

The mother, Haruka Takeda, has told investigators she wrapped Sotaro with the futon because he would not stop crying.

IMO I just don't see where someone could even think of doing such a thing to their own child, I'm pretty sure all she had to was "google it" and lots of ideas pop up.

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she was more concerned about what her neighbors would think rather than finding out why the child was crying. Parenting at its worst.....or more like humanity at its worst

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This is the sort of idiocy we often read about perpetrated by some clueless boyfriend/stepfather, but kids own mother? Good grief.

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This is sickening and heartbreaking for that poor child.

As I write this, the top three crime stories on JT are:


4-year-old boy fatally struck by station wagon in Tokyo; driver arrested

Woman arrested over attempted murder of 5-month-old daughter

It’s been another bad couple for days for kids in Japan.

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Alex Becu

I can understand why you might think it looks like that but if you spend some time in Japan you realise there are some forms of punishment perpetrated by a large segment of Japanese society as a regular form of deterrent that would be deemed strange, unusual and unnecessarily cruel in most Western countries. If these actions were performed in Western countries it would be by people you would class as deviants, psychotics, etc as opposed to normal, regular members of society as they are in Japan.

In this case what has not been mentioned is how she kept him in the futon. Merely rolling up a futon would surely not be sufficient to suffocate a child, against their frantic kinks and punches, not to mention screams. She must have used some form of restraint. Horrible woman, Burn in hell.

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In this weather being wrapped in a futon would cause excessive dehydration too...

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If the twins were not going to day care, and the mother was taking care of them full time, I can understand she was going crazy. Twins, especially 2 year olds can be a nightmare. It is common to wrap newborns to calm them down, but not two year olds. And because this is Tokyo, I suspect the mother was also sensitive to neighbors complaining, and some of them can be very nasty

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Takeda was living with her husband, Sotaro and his twin sister at their home in Machida, Tokyo.

It says her husband’s twin sister. A third adult in the house, potential extra help if she’s desperate. Can you still understand her?

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That Person, reread the article. The 2 year olds were twins, and she was living with them and her husband.

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This is awful news. I feel sorry for the father and daughter and I hope their family can find peace.

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sorry, somehow I missed that

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A tragedy for all...and a lifetime to be lived on a foundation of pure, unmitigatable pain. Keep an eye on Mom...

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