Mother to be served fresh warrant over assault of girl before death


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This case has a long way to go but wherever it goes, I hope the punishment is deterrent enough to others. I initially thought she just allowed it to happen and wasn’t physically involved but turns out she’s no less than the father. Couple from hell.

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A momster.

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he did not believe his actions were wrong, claiming they were meant to "discipline" her, 

This is very true. Being delusional is not uncommon in Japan and mental health care is just a bottle of antidepressants and come back next month for more.

The incidents of child abuse are increasing in a society where child births are declining. The stagnant economy and an education system based on intimidation and threats are most definitely contributing to both of these statistics. Unfortunately, I can only see a further increase in the amount of child abuse cases as more people suffer depression, anxiety and delusions from the stresses of of the education system and an uncertain future.

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This is very sad in so many  ways. A child who lost her life in the hands of her father which until now he believes that his cruelty was just a form of discipline. A mother who doesn't want to intervene just lets her child take all the beating rather than her.

Justice system in Japan would need to toughen the child abuse bill so that any parents who are abusing or might have intention of abusing their child will somehow (hoping) have second thoughts.

School, daycare, kindergarten must have a protocol when they suspects a child is being abused.

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