Mothers of child abuse victims often isolated: gov't panel


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As in the case of 10-year-old Mia Kurihara, who died in January last year at home where her father reportedly also abused her mother, the close links between domestic violence and child abuse have come to the fore.

You know, I often want to slap these authorities over the head sometimes. These links have been known about for more than a generation in "gaikokuland" and it's the stubborn authorities who CHOOSE to keep their heads in the sand thinking that "Oh this is Japan!" "We don't abuse our women and children!" "That's a foreign problem!"

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"It is important to support families...." Duh. One's ignorance and incompetence is on full display when stating the obvious. How much money and time was spent on this study? How about doing a study on the number of times when social services and the police failed to intervene and resulted in further suffering and death? How about a study on the number of times this type of willfull and gross negligence was actually prosecuted? It's unbelievable that a country with a declining birth rate can't take care of the children and the mothers that nurture them.

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Hiding and denying rather than solving social problems has a long tradition here. The norm has always been to blame the individuals or families involved rather than see the larger pattern and look for a cause.

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Mothers of children who die of abuse are often isolated from local communities and relatives

My wife said her father used to beat her mother when they lived at his parents house at the dinner table. She said her grandparents (his parents) would just pick up their food and go to the other room and sit there, eat their food while listening to their son violently beat his wife as my wife and her sister tried to hide behind the refrigerator. her grandparents, neighbors, other family relatives knew, seen it, heard of the abuse but ACTUALLY LITERALLY ignored what was going on. Her mother told me she would be covered in bruises the next morning, but his parents wouldn't even look her in the eye when they saw her or talked to her.

This was in the '90s. Her mother said she felt like ending it all because she felt so trapped and alone.

This is the problem in Japan. Too many people fall through the massive holed in the system.

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holed - holes

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Absolutely meaningless claims. Why would murder suicide be excluded? Also, a simple probe into the dv police reports would likely reveal more inconvenient news about the character of these confrontations. This report merits allowing father's to take custody of the children. I wonder how many of the children's father's battled for custody. Try factoring that in.

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