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Motorcyclist referred to prosecutors over record speeding of 239 kph


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You can't trust those foreign motorcycles... I see them speeding excessively all the time. Same for foreign cars... they caught a Dodge Challenger going about 240 kph around a month ago near Kunitachi. These vehicles need to adhere to Japanese laws!

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That's just crazy. If you lay that thing down going that fast, you wouldn't be anything but a long red streak on the highway.

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A little odd to me that the news would report two foreign vehicles as being speeders when there are cars and bikes speeding down my main road at all hours of the night, clearly racing.

I do like sports cars and especially motorcycles. But to speed through cities like that shows that you don’t care much about the safety of others. Better to go outback to the mountain roads where you can only kill yourself.

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I knew it was the Aqua Line when I started reading. That's what happens when build a long, straight, underwater tunnel that goes on forever. Lots of people test thier sports cars there.

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The resident of Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, also posted footage on a video-sharing website of the motorcycle speedometer reading 279 kph on the expressway, challenging others to beat it. The man has admitted to speeding.

Giving press to this will only inflate this man's ego as probably many will go and watch the video he posted.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, but! It wasn't the cops that caught him. It was Youtube! I use the highways around Tokyo, Chiba and Ibaraki a couple of times a month and have done for many years. I can say with confidence that, EVERY time I've used the highway I've seen at least one idiot trying to break the sound barrier, usually more than one. They have no fear of getting caught because the cops do not do frequent speed traps. And, all the racers know where the cameras are, except for that joker that caught by camera in the Dodge who thought he was one of the Dukes of Hazard.

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This article needs proofreading:

A 33-year-old motorcyclist was referred to prosecutors Friday on suspicion of riding a large British motorbike at a record-breaking 239 kilometers per hour on an expressway near Tokyo, police said.


The resident of Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, also posted footage on a video-sharing website of the motorcycle speedometer reading 279 kph on the expressway

So which was it - 239 or 279?

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Let's just hope this case is resolved...


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Haha sourpuss, a quick joke there, I see.

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150 mph ? what Brit hasn’t done that back in the day on the M1 north of Watford

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"So which was it - 239 or 279?"

The article is referring to two different occasions when he was allegedly speeding.

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It will be interesting to see what the punishment is and I am curious if the judge will take into consideration that these bikes are going about 5% slowerthan what is displayed on the speedometer or if that makes any difference, 279kph is roughly that bikes top speed under ideal conditions.

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moron. one can only hope he crashes and doesn't hurt anyone else. going at that speed hopefully it will be his last

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What do you expect when you don't have police cars patrolling the streets and highways. It's hard to manage the roads when you're in the koban all night, checking your instagram. These hoodlums on the rood have no consequences to worry about, they do such things simply because they can. I wouldn't put 100% of the blame on the criminals, the police are at fault as well. It would be nice if the police would actually do their jobs sometimes.

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Harry , one on a bike aged 33; the other in a car aged 41 , me in a pram with no brakes yeehaw

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"Harry , one on a bike aged 33; the other in a car aged 41 , me in a pram with no brakes yeehaw"

You're going to have to explain that one to me.

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Wangan, and Aqua line running is a regular thing, after midnight the Tokyo Expressways become playgrounds for performance. You can run from rainbow bridge to daikoku Top end all the way because that stretch has no cameras. Patrol cars are no match for what's rollin that stretch, no joke average speed rollin through there on friday and saturday early AM 200 kph, tunnels 250 -300.

Aqua line is straight up top end!

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With all the tech available now, high res 120fps cameras etc., you'd think it would be very easy to catch incriminating evidence of people speeding. I presume the problem is the outdated way in which the police catch people on the spot. If they have evidence on film, that should be enough. They could fine the owner of the car and make it his/her responsibility to get repaid if he/she insists someone else was driving.

On the Metropolitan expressway, the merge is into the "fast" lane. People doing north of 200kph, especially on easily missed motorbikes, in a lane into which cars and trucks have to merge can't be a good thing.

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So, not only is he going 279 km/hour, but he's also taking video footage?!?!

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It was 3am on a straight road with no old people or children. At least it was safe for others, if he wants to kill himself it’s his choice.

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All vehicles which might, maybe, possibly, exceed the speed limits must be banned. The fact that they are useful for legal purposes doesn't matter. How many deaths have the humans using these vehicles caused?

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At those speeds, the driver (or motorcyclist) simply has no care for his life, and more importantly, others.

take away his license for 5 years and give him a month in prison.

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Do it all the time in Germanyand I’m still alive. . Japanese highway speed limits are ridiculously slow.

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I ride bikes every day. For me it’s all about cornering and acceleration up to the speed limit. (The faster the better!!)

top speeds don’t do it for me.

The fella in this story is living on borrowed time if he keeps this up.

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@shane: Because Japan is not Germany.

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@toshiko: you are right, germany have better roads.

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The Triumph Daytona is a great bike. This lad didn't do too bad hitting 279. A Suzuki Hayabusa would leave a Daytona in the dust though.

I miss my motorcycles!

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Both the Triumph and the Dodge had another 100kph in them if they really wanted it.

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