Motorcyclist snatches handbags from three women cyclists in Chiba


A man on a motorbike on Wednesday morning snatched handbags from the baskets of three women cyclists in Chiba City. Nobody was injured, police said.

According to police, the man first grabbed the handbag belonging to a 66-year-old woman cyclist at 9:30 a.m. The bag contained 100,000 yen in cash, the woman told police. The man did the same thing two more times within an hour in the same area, police said, adding that they believe he has been responsible for a series of similar thefts reported in neighboring areas.

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That figures how bosozoku are going to pay for gas....

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Why did an everyday hittakuri case make the national news?

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This kind of crime isn't new and this is why I always lock my bag to my bicycle while I'm riding. I loop the plastic coated chain through the bag handles and then the handlebars. You can also get a special net to go over your basket at any bicycle store. It's also an effective safeguard though it does tend to lose its elasticity relatively quickly.

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But none of the 3 victims in this case, nor the ones mentioned from neighbouring areas, thought to get his licence plate number as he rode away?

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well I know in Osaka it seems no one has a job, lives with Mommy but seems to have cash to chainsmoke, eat and hit the stores... I imagine it goes on here. Wish they would hit me up for a scrap.

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get his licence plate number as he rode away

The number plate was more than likely bent up to obscure any chance of reading it as is done by all the little twits on their scooters. There was television campaign not so long ago advising women how to prevent this kind of theft. Obviously these women didn't see it. There are many anti-theft devices available to stop this. The simplest thing is to just place a 100yen cover over the basket. The complacency of most Japanese people towards theft never ceases to amaze me.

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The complacency of most Japanese people towards theft never ceases to amaze me.

What amazes me is the skill it takes it get up close and grab that bag with one hand, stow it, all the while controlling the scooter with the other hand. If the women put up even a small fight, the thief would likely crash.

I cannot blame women for not taking measure to prevent this. If they did not see it on TV, few would conceive of it themselves. You cannot prepare for what you are not even aware of. Heck, they are looking right at their bag and they are on a moving cycle. Its natural they feel secure. It is also no surprise people do not want to be bothered with nets and all that other business. There is plenty to do in one day without tinkering with nets and such every time you put away or retrieve your handbag.

Dang thieves anyway. I wish they would target other thieves, such as politicians, instead of innocent housewives.


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They been doing similar stuff for decades in Italy, etc. Drive by a tourist snag the bag of the shoulder and go on.

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