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Mt Gox says it is working with police in missing bitcoin probe

By Sophie Knight

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Mt Gox filed a stolen property report with the insurance company yet?

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I'm not too keen on the idea of bitcoins, as this has demonstrated it is easy to "lose" funds and unless security can be tightened to the point where hacking in and stealing millions of dollars worth of currency is more like trying to waltz out of fort knox with bags of gold rather than some convenient store with broken security cameras I don't feel the liability should go onto the government. such as with bankruptcy protection.

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Funny how they found the bitcoins after the judge intervened.

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It's gone when switched off.

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It's gone when switched off.


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Mt Gox creditors had anticipated a different announcement on Wednesday after Eren Canarslan, a Turkish investment banker who said he had been in touch with Karpeles, tweeted that Mt Gox would soon announce it had found an additional 670,000 bitcoins.

An attempt at "pump and dump"?

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Mark Karpeles is going to jail, it is so obvious he is hiding BTC.

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Tom, I doubt MtGox had any insurance. What insurance company would agree to take such a risk?

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Both lawsuits also named Mizuho Bank Ltd, one of Japan’s largest lenders, for allegedly aiding in a fraud by providing banking services to Mt Gox. The plaintiffs say their money was held in an account or accounts at Mizuho.

Will they also sue their own banks for providing the service to transfer the money to MtGox?

And themselves, for providing MtGox with their money?

I do hope someone gets to the bottom of this. ((The class action lawyer/vultures are not the bottom I'm referring to here.))

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Part of the free market system is participants have got to watch out for their own backsides, I can't believe anyone got into Bitcoin thinking it was entirely risk free.

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