Murder suspected in death of rich man dubbed Japanese 'Don Juan'


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Another nutball with more money than sense. People like him never end well.

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you mean he died? I think everyone ends like that.

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Don Juan didn't pay for it. Without money these guys like Nozaki are drips.

But if this guy is really Don Juan then the culprit is likely a stone statue. Police should be on alert for a suspicious stone statue carrying the soul of Nozaki to the Inferno.

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He dies, she inherits....

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Dying within 4 months of a sudden rushed marriage to a 20 something woman, of course it sounds suspicious.

But looking at the pictures and video you see of him before his death, he did not look like a healthy person. 77 is not young, but compared with other people that age you can see the difference.

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4000 women? Im not sure if I should be impressed or grossed out.

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Wow his cause of death was listed as his heart stopped beating go figure

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And why the hell did the police figure it's murder he's an old guy who did drugs it's an accidental or natural death whose reputation are they trying to protect

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

He's a rich guy with status in the community wouldn't want people to think he did it to himself now would we

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If you are rich and you know you don't have long in this world why not marry some young chick and give her all your money rather than letting the government take it

2 ( +5 / -3 )

I bet the police are being pressured by his family and connections to call it murder

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I remember he was on TV a little while back, even showing where he had stashes of money, lol.

He dies, she inherits....

Actually, his dog was supposed to inherit everything, but conveniently just died (likely killed as well).

I still don't know if this means the wife inherits though. Supposedly she was laughing and playing smarthphone games during his funeral.

The housekeeper is all over TV and is very suspicious as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they were in on it together.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

jealousy runs deep in this forum,isnt it.

well done old boy ,enjoy your rest!

at 77 year old, with 20 year old hottie and dying in his own house.. kudos!

He does resemble one prominent JP politician doesn't he?

1 ( +4 / -3 )

If you are rich and you know you don't have long in this world why not marry some young chick and give her all your money rather than letting the government take it

Well, with the inheritance tax here, giving her all your money means giving the government half of it.

Not that i believe in an afterlife, but i think that giving most of your money to a good charity, and then just enough for the wife to get a nice bonus, would be better for the conscious (and make you look better in history books)

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77???? Don Juan oyaji maybe

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Wonder whether the stimulant was a little blue pill whose name starts with a V and rhymes with Niagara

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It's not something sad he'd lived enough his 77 years and he got the purposes he wanted, getting all the ladies he aimed. For the overdose drug probably it's a police investigation he was caught in the trap to someone grab his wealth, I don't know how.

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I would look for STD if he did not lie...

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Everything in this story is supicious. None of it makes sense. Hoping we get the true picture soon.

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So this rich sukebe jiji boasts he had 4,000 women and gave 3 billion yen, eh? Pro-tip fellas: If you're paying them, you can't count them.

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I can't believe that this guy would call himself a Don Juan... If you're spending all that money, I would just keep that little secret to myself. Although dude did not look to be in the best of health, I definitely suspect foul play at work. But then again, I'm no Detective...

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Yeah got married to this woman after he met her at the airport. Left all his money to his dog. Seems he and the dog were killed. Pretty suspicious, wife and the housekeeper in on it together

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@Civitas ... why not? In absolutely any standard hetero relationship, the men typically the one paying.. exceptions are rare or non straight. Does it really matter what you pay for ?

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"So what first attracted you to multimillionaire Nozaki?"

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Northernlife, the police are said to be investigating where such a chunk of crystal meth could have come from.

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Money gave him a good time-nice!

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lol he was “dubbed” Don Juan by himself... what a sad life

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