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N Korea calls Sony, Wannacry hack charges smear campaign


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NK does a dandy-fine job of smearing themselves.

Of anything, admitting that NK has the capability to conduct successful cyberattacks against some of the worlds most technologically advanced corporations should be taken as a compliment.

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... it had anything to do with the 2104 Sony incident ...

But evidently, they took the Almanac!

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If I was under servere sanctions and threat of nuclear anailation, I would do anything possible to help my citizens.

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Just how many people in North Korea have

a) a computer

b) an internet connection

c) skills to launch multiple cyber attacks

All without NK Govt support?

I'd guess 0. Even Great Leader doesn't, since he doesn't have the skills.

In a country where most people don't have access to basic nutrition, who's going to fork out for a costly computer?

> the entirety of North Korea only has 1,024 IP addresses.

> North Korea boasts two versions of the world wide web: an exclusive, restriction-free model for high-ranking government officials and people in select industries, and a threadbare alternative for everyone else.

Ref: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/6156327/north-korea-internet-smartphones-technology-kim-jong-un/

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threat of nuclear anailation

If they would stop their own threats of nuclear annihilation, things would go a lot better for them.

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 I would do anything possible to help my citizens.

Of course. The dear leader goes to the utmost lengths to help his citizens. Such noble efforts include (but are not limited to):

Imprisonment for 3 generations for calling the dear leader a “fat frog.”

Divertion of international aid to military programs while people starve.

Frequent unprovoked attacks on SK.

Abduction and unlawful detention and execution of foreign nationals.

Threatening the the world with “nuclear destruction.”

What a role model of a nation and leader!

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It amazes me the number of people who actually believe Kim Jong Un is some kind of victim, just trying to ‘help’ his people!

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Like NK needs a smear campaign. They do it themselves with perfection.

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