Nail found in sandwich from supermarket in Fukushima


Police on Thursday said a nail was found in a sandwich a woman bought at a supermarket in Fukushima City on Monday. Her son, who ate the sandwich, slightly injured the inside of his mouth.

According to police, the woman bought the sandwich at the supermarket around 7 p.m. on Monday. Her 23-year-old son ate it but soon complained of a pain inside his mouth. He found a 2-centimeter-long nail in the sandwich. Police say no nails were found in other sandwiches at the supermarket and no other cases have been reported from other customers so far.

The sandwich was made at a factory, checked by the metal detector there, and delivered to the supermarket on Monday. A spokesperson for the factory denied the possibility that the nail was put in the sandwich there.

The parent company of the supermarket said the sandwich was packed in a plastic tray closed simply by tape. A spokesperson said: “The nail was possibly put in the sandwich intentionally by someone at the outlet.”

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I hope they nail the culprit asap.

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What a vicious a-tack.

I hope they pin down whoever did this.

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I want to hammer home the point that they need to pin this heinous crime asap before a-tack-er strikes again.

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Hope this has no connection with China and news to disappear soon.

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hmmm....seems to be less outrage than the gyoza

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Why would there be outrage, it's not like this happened on a mass scale like the gyoza case. This is a one time fluke, hardly cause for any hysteria or outrage.

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Hmmm..."Buy a Sandwich, Get a nail FREE" campaign I guess. I wonder how do you get a free hammer for that free nail!

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It could be a promotion for MC Hammer's new album.

"Find nail, get HAMMER" (tm)

Kid just scored himself a free album, totally sweet.

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The sandwich was made at a factory, checked by the metal detector there, and delivered to the supermarket on Monday.

so all the sandwiches in Japan are checked by metal detectors? wow? I can sense an al quaida sandwich network operating here...

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if this sandwich was imported it would be bigger news/more outrage...eventhough its a one time fluke

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Are all you people new to Japan???

Surely you all know that the nail that sticks out gets swallowed down.

Ba dum bum.

I'm surprised the supermarket didn't try to charge them extra for additional fillings.

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Some of those wrapped sandwiches with the crust cut off are from China. I bet the Chinese think people here are idiots when they make the food for them. What a waste to throw away the crust of the bread when making the sandwich.

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Was it a cultivated pinky-finger 2 cm nail from one of the salarymen from the train we talked about recently? You know, the one for nasal and aural cleaning? (Sorry, hope nobody was eating!)

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Someone probably put it there. Poor dude though. I hope they fnd this evil person.

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