NEC receives major cyberattacks; defense data theft suspected


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When you have unfriendly communist neighbors who are well known for cyber espionage, this is to be expected and prevented with stronger defenses. Expect more before & during Tokyo 2020 because the same happened to the S. Koreans during the Winter Olympics. Japan HAS to treat cyber security as a priority!

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This does not speak well at all for Japan's cybersecurity, and will likely invite more such attacks.

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Zero concept of security in Japan

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The company said it has not confirmed any damage such as leakage after the attack on the files, which are saved on its servers used in defense-related and other businesses. Highly classified information, such as proposals to clients, was kept at a remote, unconnected location, it said.

but they were vunrebal at all levels and were hacked over several years. They were in the shower and only now realise someone was watching. As soon as the minister for cyber security gets his head around the concept of a thumb drive I'm sure Japan can quickly move on from widows 88 and into 1990.

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Zero concept of security in Japan

I work in InfoSec and can tell you it’s pretty much no better or worse than anywhere else. Just as other parts of the world, the overwhelming majority of problems stem from phishing attacks. The average worker just clicks stuff without knowing what it is.

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I bet the response was to try and run a security update to their Win XP systems.

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Cyberattacks, cyberhacking, cyberwar - the age of cyberpunk is here, now. It was forecast in sci-fy novels over 30 years ago. I took cyber-security classes in college and that is one new field that keeps on changing all the time. You gotta keep up with the cyberpunks.

China and Russia did some bigtime hacking on the USA in 2016, the former on a New England textile mill (no success) and the later on the US Electoral College (major success - installed the quisling Donnie Grump). Russia has been hacking other nations too like Poland and the former Soviet republics.

With Russia and China close by  geographically, Japan is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Maybe Japan renounces war and belligerency forever but this is a new kind of war fought totally with computers, not armaments. They've been successful so far but they need to really keep alert on this one. It's a new 21st century type of warfare.

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Japan should look to Estonia who has a high level of Internet security, even in their voting, to thwart Russia and others

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