Nepali murder case retrial decision set for June 7


The Tokyo High Court will decicde on Thursday on a retrial for a Nepali man convicted of a murder in 1997.

Govinda Prasad Mainali, 44, is serving a life sentence for the murder of a female TEPCO employee. However, last August, it was revealed by the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office that saliva found on the victim's breasts belonged to a person of blood type O, which was different to that of Mainali, who was convicted of her murder.

Mainali's defense called for fresh DNA tests and a retrial following the discovery.

Govinda at the time had overstayed his visa and was working illegally at an Indian restaurant near the Shibuya apartment where the woman’s body was found. According to the tabloid media, the woman led a double life – TEPCO economist by day, prostitute by night. Govinda was one of her customers.

He pleaded not guilty to murder and was found not guilty by a Tokyo District Court judge. Prosecutors promptly appealed, and the Tokyo High Court in December 2000 secured the guilty verdict they sought. The Supreme Court upheld the verdict in October 2003.

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Sorry for this guy and this women should be Nympho having double life – TEPCO economist by day, prostitute by night.

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The case badly needs retried, but I don't favor his chances with the arrogant judges.

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I remember that case. It stank to high heaven from the start. I am pleasantly surprised to read that the case will be tried again; i hope he gets a fair trial this time.

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I wonder if Japanese teens that murdered that nepalise man will get the same treatment. I hope they find the person responsible. Prosecutors should not have rights to appeal. It's the same thing as double jeopardy.

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Yeah this guy sure looked like he was railroaded BIGTIME!

Lets hope A PROPER investigation & trial ensue, highly unlikely, but wud be nice

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I spent some time at Yokohama Prison for a second visa violation last year. I was in the same kojo as Govinda. (13Kojo) We spoke and worked out during undo on numerous occasions. Considering what he's been through, he was in remarkably good spirits. He always talked positive. "Don't worry about yourself, Mr. Michael. Worry about what good you can do in the world." His family comes to see him, but rarely. His father passed a while back, too. According to Govinda, he had a time sheet from his work that exonerated him at the first trial. In the second trial the time card was not allowed to be introduced as evidence. Not sure why. Anyway, the guy didn't come across as a killer to me. I'm rooting for him to finally get justice. I'm sure it will move at a snail's pace, though. The DNA evidence came to light last AUGUST. Why are they just now deciding if he gets a retrial? They are more concerned with "saving face" than righting a wrong. Hang in the, Govinda. Ganbate!

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