New cyberattack hits computers in Diet


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Oh no! China angrily denied that it had nothing to do with these cyber attacks?? They also angrily denied that they have nothing to do with killing off the good people of Tibet, the poor Muslim Uighurs and enslaving the majority of their own Chinese people to work at Apple, Nike, etc..for crap wages, so if they deny it then we must believe anything that comes out of the communist regime in Beijing, right??

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China hacking other nations computer is ONLY FOR SELF DEFENCE. Many times govt has stated that they are a peaceful nation. All the comptuter hakking is by the support of Chinese Govt. They have employed 25000 observers 24/7 to watch all the activites of all the servers.Chinese govt said; Dear world you have nothing to worry about our hacking we will not share your perssonal information with other nations. Ha Ha ha.. We are the great Chinese state. Leader of asia!! Do you understand?

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hahah wow if they think they are special because they received an email with a virus they are more stupid than I thought... if they actually had real anti malware software on the servers in place it would not be an issue.

Emails are easily forged, so that is no proof.

Japan playing the victim card when it just makes them look stupid.

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Wipe Windows off those machines and install Linux dammit!

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cadmium31680: If they obviously can't use windows correctly how do you expect them to use anything else? Linux is great but easily misconfigured.

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I say we just all hurry up and get on our knees now and let the Chinese take over Japan, the EU and all the other places that can not get their economic act together now! Dow with freedom and lets enjoy being slaves to the Chinese!

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investigate before pointing finger at other people.

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The Chinese should say proudly, "Yes we can!"

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thats funny JP beat US in a game & people go crazy with rude comments about the us. here china is hacking Japan & theres not many comments. this is overlooked & of course china always denies everything. many spies hired by the chinese government. china is a hightech (capitalist) version of north korea. the'll do something really dumb one of these days they won't be able to denie

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Doesn't anyone have any discipline? For goodness sake filter your inboxes with a little common sense and confirm any mails you think may be important but maybe suspicious with a simple phone call. What the heck is wrong with people? People are talking better malware and such, what people need to be talking is common sense. Here's a word of advice, if the message is so important, they'll call you, or better yet, call them. peace.

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If the "attack" consist of nothing else than sending executable attachments, then all the story shows is the level of Computer ignorance among the recipients.

Send these clowns to some basic computer course and explain to them that you don´t just click on any file out there, before letting them touch a computer. Sheesh.

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It was not clear who was behind the attack, the reports said, adding it was possible the China-based server could have been controlled from a third country.

Yes, as I understand it, a decent hacker would not be so easily found. The attack could have come from anywhere. In fact, the fact that the server in China was so easily identified leads me to think that it DIDN'T come from there. Hacking is a global problem, and a global hobby.

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Maybe a Japanese hacker got into and hijacked the Chinese computer.

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Maybe Pentagon have Chinese proxies? Whatever, it's better to be semi-slave and work for the future and for REAL planet's progress, than to be worthless slave of western goods and brainwashed by western media, who don't have guts to tell truth!

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They need to start using Apple.... oh, and to start getting up to date on cyber-crime and hacking.

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Ask who would benefit from knowing in advance what Japanese politicians are thinking...

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When I read this title I thought that we were under attack by cybermen. Good job that that isn't the case cuz I misplaced my sonic screwdriver yesterday.

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