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Newborn baby’s body found buried in Tokyo park


The body of a newborn baby girl was found partially buried in a park in Tokyo’s Minato Ward on Friday.

According to police, a park visitor saw the baby’s face and one arm sticking out of the ground in Italy Park at around 10:45 a.m. and called 110, Fuji TV reported.

The park is located about 500 meters from JR Hamamatsucho Station.

Police said they are examining nearby street surveillance camera footage to try and identify who brought the infant to the park and buried it.

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I saw the police cars and ambulances outside Italy Park as I was making my way to Hamamatsucho Station. At the time I wondered what was going on and it saddened me when I heard that a newborn baby was discovered.

RIP little one :(

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Horrible. Rest in Peace, and rest in hell for the perpetrator.

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Another dumped baby? This just never stops, does it? Last week there was one that was cut in half and blocked a toilet when the psycho tried to flush it. This is just an evil callousness towards a human life that just keeps repeating itself over and over.

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RIP to the child, and wow the poor person who found it. That would traumatize me for life.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

What is wrong with these people? How do they live with themselves after doing this?

Here's a better idea, how about next time use a condom? Or how about not doing anything in the first place if you can't handle having a baby.

I treasure every new day I have my son. How about you people cut the crap and do the same instead of horribly punishing them for your mistakes?


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Are there not safe places for mothers to leave their unwanted newborns in Tokyo?

Could not fire stations, police stations, or hospitals to accept these babies until an adopted parent can be found?

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